A Coffin for the Sheriff / Una bara per lo sceriffo (Mario Caiano, 1965)

I concur, just got my copy in the mail today and it’s a great release. I already had this on a Wild East double bill but here the film runs 2 mins longer the picture quality is an upgrade so I am a happy gunslinger.

Both Gonzalo Braña and Francisco R. Alacid are in the 1966 Spanish movie Cotolay, now available on YouTube as El niño y el lobo.

Our henchman named Sam is in, there’s no doubt about it! The guy on the left could be the same actor who plays Peter, but having checked quickly I’m not sure of that.

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Also present in Gianni Puccini’s Fury of Johnny Kid

After watching Cotolay, the more I compare the guy in El Cadete San Martin, I’m seeing him, if you shaved Sam, the woodcutter or the Mounters son, or put a beard on him. The YouTube video is too low resolution to see facial lines but these all may be the same guy.

Looks like you’re on to Peter and the other woodcutter too

Good, it looks like we finally found out which of the two is Gonzalo!

Isn’t the other bearded henchman on Reply #38, 2nd pic Rafael Vaquero?

Yes, but the guy behind him is also familiar.

From Adios Gringo


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Due once di piombo! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just watched this one again.
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At least some of the “filming location” was set at Hoyo de Manzanares and Colmenar Viejo



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Surely ‘Shenendoah’ has been used because that was the title of the recent James Stewart movie?

Oh Shenandoah, I long to see you … a spiritually uplifting interlude amidst all the brutalities and ugliness of Italian Westerns. :sunglasses:

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Can’t say this is one of Steffen’s top films but it’s definitely enjoyable. I need to get around to ranking them all when I can. I think my top five Steffen’s at the moment are:

  1. Apocalypse Joe
  2. Django the Bastard
  3. No Room to Die
  4. A Man Called Django
  5. They Believed He Was a Saint (or possibly Gentleman Killer)

This one is somewhere in the middle. I think I prefer Seven Dollars on the Red but this one is certainly better than Some Dollars for Django and miles better than Tequila/Fuzzy the Hero.

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I have a soft spot for A Coffin for the Sheriff. It certainly has some pretty naive moments, and some cheap looking hats, but in general it has everything I want from an early SW, including a soundtrack by de Masi slowly finding his own Western style. As a bonus there’s Arturo Dominici who I love to see if he’s cast well (he’s perfect in Castle of Blood, for instance).

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For some reason I had no recollection of watching it until I realised it was one of the few westerns I watched on Amazon prime. I’m glad I gave it another try. I definitely like it because I also enjoy these early spaghetti-paellas. The German DVD is very good, too!