A Bullet for Sandoval / Quei disperati che puzzano di sudore e di morte / Los desesperados (Julio Buchs, 1969)

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I wanted to hear opinions on A Bullet for Sandoval. What did you guys think of this particular movie? I thought it was great all the way around. Ernest Borgnine was great so was George Hilton (One of his best). Tough decision due to his role as They Call me Hallelujah. Anyone seen a role with Hilton they thought might be better? I just thought it should be in the top 20.


is bullet a comedy or is it a serious/sinister spaghetti?

I would lean towards a sinister/cruel spaghetti. I wish Borgnine contributed more towards the genre.

Which version did you watch? The full version containing the Annabella Incontrera subplot, or the VCI dvd?

I viewed the Annabella subplot version. I was unaware of this other DVD version.

the dvd is missing an entire subplot?

Yes, it is. Maybe it’s not of extreme importance, but anyway.

One of my favorite films, possibly not on my top20 but nearly there. Great cast and good grim story with awesome music. Annabella Incontrera scene is essential to the plot of the movie (damn VCI dvd!). Hilton is very good in this one. I’m not sure if I like him more in serious roles or comedic roles. He’s good in both. My favorite Hilton role is a drunkard Jeff in Massacre Time.

I was unaware of the two versions on DVD. So, VCI is the one missing Incontrera. I wonder why Borgnine did not do anymore Spaghetti Westerns, maybe he was not offered anymore roles.

There is no complete version out on DVD as of yet; I was referring to the old Swedish pre-record that contains the Annabella Incontrera Subplot.

I own the VCI version DVD and went out and bought the new DVD version that has Annabella name on the cover as well as her picture and it is the same only 95 minutes no Annabella at all.

I’ve seen the VCI version and enjoyed it very much, especially the ending at the bullfight. What distinguished it for me was the unusual framing and editing, thanks to Fulci I presume. The last few shots of the movie (in the arena) are quite haunting actually. Plus it’s hilarious to hear Borgnine shouting “Lousy Gringo!” with no Spanish accent at all.


I’ve also seen only the cut version.

Theres a lot of I don’t like in this movie, but the knife/fist -fight at the bullfighting arena is great and it ends in a really shocking way.

I love Bullet for Sandoval, one of my favorite George Hilton performances together with La Code Dello Scorpione. Lucio Fulci is one of my favorite directors.

good SW

Does anybody know if Alfa Digital’s version http://xploitedcinema.com/catalog/bullet-sandoval-p-10432.html of this movie is uncut and contains this famous subplot missing from VCI edition?

It is cut. And if my memory is correct (someone posted about it at SWWB, I think the person had asked about it from Xploitedcinema), it was released even before the VCI disc and looks worse.

I like this one quite a lot. It has a wonderful tragic edge to it that really sets it apart. The only other Spaghetti Western I can think of, at the moment, that has a more tragic edge is THE GREAT SILENCE.
This has one of my favorite Hilton performances in it…and my second most favorite Gianni Ferrio score (my first fave is his score for FIND A PLACE TO DIE).

Too bad there has never been an un-cut version of BULLET FOR SANDOVAL released on DVD, yet.
From a picture quality standpoint, the best release so far is the one from VCI, in my opinion.

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