A Barrel Full of Dollars / Per una bara piena di dollari (Demofilo Fidani, 1971)

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In my opinion this one is slightly better than Quel maledetto giorno d’inverno/One Damned Day at Dawn and the two Sartana with Jeff Cameron, but inferior to Inginocchiati straniero i cadaveri non fanno ombra/Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows (in which curiously appears… una bara piena di dollari/a coffin full of dollars).

Some stunts are noteworthy.


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As of this writing, this film is offered in its English dub by Comcast/Xfinity On Demand (US cable service). Crisp fullscreen print, 81 minutes. It is part of the Movieplex On Demand package.

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Love this Fidani, certainly one of his best. I’ve had the Koch dvd for a long time but see someone has done up the English fandub already… looking forward to rewatching as its been years and I remember really enjoying it.

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Decent cast could have been used a lot better in this one. The plot was one of the most basic I have come across. On a positive note it was a lot better than the other couple of Fidani films I have seen which are Djangos cut price corpses and Django and Sartanas showdown in the West ( the worst spaghetti ).

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That’s not Fidani film. It’s Batzella.

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[quote=“Bill san Antonio, post:45, topic:1272”]That’s not Fidani film. It’s Batzella.[/quote]It sure felt like one

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It’s good!
But as Brother Jonathan said “inferior to… Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows” which remains my favorite.
I thoroughly enjoyed this, but hoped that more would’ve been made of the pocket watch though. But, hey, it’s a Fidani - so goofy ending and lots of shooty stuff at the end. It could be called A Town Full of Barrels - I’ve never seen so many - all shapes* and sizes.

*mainly barrel-shaped though.
3 stars.

(The Man With a Name) #48

I guess we’ll never see that Retrovision Blu-ray get released. :anguished:

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Decided to give this one a shot tonight. Well, it’s definitely one of Fidani’s best efforts if not the best one. Yes, the sets look incredibly cheap and the movie has that derelict, ugly look that typifies this kind of productions, but at the same time, it’s incredibly entertaining most of the time.

Even if One Damned Day at Dawn was shot also by Joe d’Amato, this flick here has a slightly more impressive camerawork, I’m not exactly sure why, but the photography here does have a tad more polished feel to it. With regard to the direction, I found practically all of it enjoyable: regardless of whether action occurring on the screen is staged in an asinine fashion or not, it all remains remarkably gratifying in an endearing way. The slow-mo flashback featuring Kinski as well as one shootout were shot quite well, other than that most of the content leans towards ludicrousness.

Nevertheless, the thing that really brings the film to life is the fairly swift storytelling which ensures that the flick progresses at a very steady pace, so there aren’t any superfluous recesses that could potentially infuse the pic with tedium. Needless to say, Kinski is amazing here and whenever he appears in front of camera, he oozes with charisma and is one of film’s indispensable assets, Gordon Mitchell is pretty good too though. I like Gori’s score, I even like the title song even if the singer sounds like someone is shoving a large stick up his ass while he’s singing.

Overall, if you’re looking for an entertaining cheapo, it’s really hard to go wrong with this one. Probably my favorite Fidani’s effort so far. 5/10

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Watching this tonight. This Fidani guy really has class. :rofl:

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This is still listed in the DB as released in 2017… guess this never happened? And its not going to?


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Carty didn’t get back in touch about the release, so I’m going to assume he’s cancelled it along with Requiem for a Gringo. Such a shame since I love this film.

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Yeah, a shame for sure. Was surprised to see a blu ray release link in the DB for this film

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