A Barrel Full of Dollars / Per una bara piena di dollari (Demofilo Fidani, 1971)

(tomobea) #21

Anyone have the English Audiodubbed version!!! from the Koch Media DVD.

(The Stranger) #22

Koch Media. Rainbow Collection Nr. 7. :wink:


I see I have given this a 1. Don’t remember anything about it, it must’ve been a quite bad Fidani.

(p.pereira) #24

Can’t remember much too. Just another bad movie.

(Dillinger) #25

In fact it is a quite good Fidani!


So it was you who gave it 4 stars? :o

(Dillinger) #27

Can’t remember, but could be…

(Bad Lieutenant) #28

Your own vote is in bold, so it should be easy to detect. Gave it 3 stars myself.

(Dillinger) #29

Thanks for reminding me BL.

(ENNIOO) #30

Viewed this on dvd as previously viewed a vhs print. Big haircuts and sideburns, Gordon Mitchell looking cheeky, lots of gunplay, empty town, lots of horse riding for the hell of it and Kinski just enjoying a cigar. Not viewed a film by this director in a while, and had loads of fun with this. Excellent stuff.

(Yodlaf Peterson) #31

I’ve not seen this film since I was about 18-19, I don’t remember it at all but I do remember thinking it wasn’t all that.

I’ve had the Koch dvd for ages but haven’t bothered watching it yet.

(Bad Lieutenant) #32

I think it’s the fourth or fifth time I have watched this film now. Fidani fun that is not so quirky as his other outputs, but with the usual people involved that make a solid cheapie. Kinski and Cameron are cool and we get a decent amount of gunplay and acrobatics. As said lots of horse riding scenes, but also the supercool scene with Cameron casually shooting a bunch of bank robbers.

This time I watched the Dutch vhs (Video Star) which carries an English dub. I prefer this one in English, evne though some of the dialogue is horrendous.

My (Dutch) review here:

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o points from me not 1 :o :o
the fidani westerns goes everyone top bottom 20 list

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[quote=“sartana1968, post:33, topic:1272”]the fidani westerns goes everyone top bottom 20 list[/quote]not mine.

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There’s much worse shit than lots of Fidanis out there, that’s a fact.

(sartana1968) #37

yea maybe, ultra crappy ones like crazy bunch and kid terror of the west

(ENNIOO) #38

Agreed !


Had a trash movie marathon last weekend with a friend of mine… maybe I should have brought it with me and give it another chance. Trash like this is always appreciated more when you’re watching it with company and not alone. Next time.

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[quote=“Phil H, post:5, topic:1272”]To be honest I found it kind of weird. No build up. He just walks into shot and guns 'em down ???
No wasted footage from old Dick Spitfire there :D[/quote]

That’s one of the best gags.
I really enjoy this Fidani. Really fast paced and it looks fantastic (DP was Joe D’Amato). The plot is just an excuse to get from one well put together (if silly) gunfight to another.

The only snag is in the film’s final moments where Kinski’s villain incomprehensibly leaves his great cover atop a bell tower and waltzes out in the open. The inevitable happens and the film ends immediately after.

Certainly Fidani’s best. Everything else the man did was boring trash*. Makes me wonder how much of the film is actually D’Amato’s…