3 releases on dvd

hi guys
i have 3 titles available
days of vengeance
black jack
ramon the mexican
feel free to contact me of you can buy it off ebay

my next release will be hangmans tree and samurai tomas milian

my email is videob@telkomsa.net

Is Hangman’s Tree going to include the original ending like the Brazilian and South African VHS tapes?

no idea havent seen the material yet

Are the other three prints taken from the Wild East DVDs?

i havent seen wild east prints

Wild East’s three latest double features each contain one of these movies. That is an odd coincidence.


i have nothing to do with wild east releases…these are my own pal releases.lots of companies release the same movies across the world,some at the same time and others months apart…
good luck to wild east on their releases but i release in south africa only and in pal.i dont have menus or any extras on my discs just the movie.

You’re asking a lot, $35 each, with no menus or extras - What are the source of your prints?, as you say they are remastered … and may we see some screen shots from each of the releases ?

Thanks in advance .

Why do u ask me my source of prints ? Do you ask other companies that question as well?no one will reveal their sources and you should know that by now.I will post screenshots on ebay soon

Because it sounds like you’re attempting to flog bootleg material at exorbitant prices - Why get so defensive otherwise ?

I’m guessing they come from the flying spaghetti monster and discussing it with non-pastafarians is a delicate matter.

I am not defensive .just strange that u ask me that question.if you sure about me bootlegging then you don’t have to buy it. Why would you assume I bootleg? Do you ask other companies if they bootleg as well when they release the same movies? I am in south Africa.I own rights for my country so please stop assuming that I bootleg.

That is true, but spaghetti western releases are wide and far apart and for you to release the same three movies as Wild East’s last three releases are just baffling. If new HD-scans had been made it would make sense as an European and American distributor might release their separate releases of those but I have a distinct feeling that both Wild East and Global Video release, let’s call them, grey market releases and then it is indeed an incredible coincidence.

I seem to remember that you had some form of cooperation in the past, but I may be wrong?

Does your Days of Vengeance have a TV logo in the corner of some scenes, and inconsistent audio with in-house dubbing like Wild East?


wild east and i never had any co operation on any title
they release in usa
i release in south africa

Ok probably it was only speculation then also as you had nearly overlapping releases of Ringo the Lone Rider and Dead Men Don’t Make Shadows.

Good luck with your releases but $35 each will most definitely kill them unless you can say why your ones are superior to Wild East’s. Wild East’s are $16 each plus postage and that’s for double features.

sorry it cost allot in south africa to manufacture $15 for postage alone
.i make $2 on a disc

Yep. Which is why you have to convince people why they need your specific releases :slight_smile:

screenshots now available on ebay
i dont have to convince anyone ,they free to buy from whomever they want.