3 releases on dvd

Warrior, is it entirely necessary for you to be quite so abrupt with everybody? Any chance you can respond to people with a little more civility, as is the expected requirement from everybody else on this forum? @AvatarDK made a perfectly valid point there, and @aldo is perfectly within his rights to ask you whatever he likes before he decides whether or not to part with his own cash. You don’t have to disclose that info to him of course, that’s up to you if you want to be that wilfully obtuse, an attitude which would explain why you feel you don’t have to convince anyone as to why they should part with 35 dollars for a bare-bones DVD but what you WILL have to do I’m afraid is abide by the same standards of politeness and civility as everybody else.

Do you pay any rates to the site owner for advertising your products on here by the way, or is it all free? If it is free, couldn’t you pass those savings on to any potential SWDB forum customers?


So this is ‘REMASTERED’ ??? You’ve got to be kidding - Perhaps you think you’re dealing with a bunch of beginners ?

The screen shot you posted of ‘Long Days of Violence’ … look at the amount of blocking in this frame - it appears to be a blown up .avi file

show me better quality of this movie anywhere else ,please?show me who else released a better quality version of this movie .i dont think you can.
i am being polite .and civil.show me where i was not civil,please.

I’m afraid you’re not. You’re being fairly impolite tbh.

I don’t have to explain anything (see how defensive and rude it sounds, when someone does it to you?). Nevertheless, I’ll take ONE stab at it, and one stab only, because I’m not arguing with you Warrior.

You’re being dismissive, defensive and unnecessarily aggressive. I don’t need to “show” anyone, your posts above are as visible to you as they are to me and to everybody else. If @aldo had bowled into KFC asking what their secret blend of herbs and spices were I’m sure they wouldn’t tell him either, but I doubt sincerely they’d start rebuking him for having had the temerity to ask. If you can’t see that you’re responding to legitimate queries in an overly aggressive manner then I don’t know what to tell you. How you choose to speak to people in your day-to-day existence is not my concern and none of my business. However, how everybody speaks to one another on here is my business, unfortunately. Frankly, without having spoken to @Admin I’m uncertain as to why you’re allowed to hawk your products for free on here at all, when Sebastian has to ask for donations just to keep the place running. On any other site I’ve ever frequented, you’d have been asked to take out legitimate paid advertising space or take off. Still, that’s up to the boss (and of course if you ARE paying to advertise here then I readily and happily apologise in advance. I see that you’re hawking a six hundred dollar 35mm print to a forum member on another thread and I’m sure Sebastian will be appreciative of his percentage from a sale that lucrative on his website, should that sale happen).

Be that as it may though, I’m not arguing with you Warrior, as I said. I’ve no desire or need to grandstand at your expense. If you refuse to moderate your own tone, that’s exactly what I’m here to do for you.



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Thank-you. :+1:

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special discount to guys on the forum $25 each

take all 3 $60 incl shipping

How soon will The Hangman’s Tree be available?

long while 2 to 3 months

Hope you can still make a profit selling them for this price.

no. making nothing on this thats why i am only making 30 of each available to forum members only at that price