200 Spaghetti Westerns

Now I’m a bit curious because of our discussion in the top 20 thread.

Who has seen more than 200 SWs?

Please confess in this thread. A short remark like “Me” or “I have” or “Guilty” is enough.

I have seen about 300 now since 2005.
The 30 or 40 I had seen the 20 years before are amongst them, but were all rewatched in the last years.

Viewed 380. I have not viewed some well known ones yet as I like to work backwards and see the more obscure stuff first alot of the time.

I think I watched about 150-200 now

I would just about squeeze into the 200 club by a handful.

around 280 or so…

Not yet…

Been there done that… Have watched 300+ (doesn’t have the exact count on me).

approx. 360+

I’ve certainly seen about two thirds of my 360+ … so count me in.
Mind you, I’ve got a brain like a sieve … many a time I’ve put a dvd in to watch it and then realized I’d already been there before.

This indeed Brother Reverend happens to the best of us.

Yup, indeed… one of the reasons I enjoy trying to comment on the title after I watch it, helps me keep track…

I don’t really have any idea on the number I’ve watched, but I’m sure I’ve probably reached 200 by this point… guess I’ll have to do a counting

I have

I’m up to about 70 at this point. I’ve already seen most of the best so the other 200 I have are gonna be a rather long slog, lotta stinkers in there.

You have alot of crap to view for sure.

I’m at approx. 120 at the moment. Will need a year or two to reach the 200+ mark…

I’m at around 150 and as of now have no plans to watch much more. I’m not a completist. I only watch the ones I’m interested in seeing.

I have not seen that many yet but I’m a kind of “completist” so I have lots of crap and lots of good movies to watch. 8)

Same here, I’ve seen about 100 and I’m starting to delve a little into the crappier ones, but I’m not interested in watching shit.
It’s the same when it come to horror & gialli - I only want to see the better examples & draw the line at below average. I don’t want to see every single spag/horror/giallo.
I’ve still got quite a few on my ‘to watch’ pile & I’ve got a huge amount of spags coming in the next couple of days so I should reach 150 soon. After that I don’t think there will be many interesting ones left to see until more forgotten gems are discovered, or some of the ultra-rare titles become easier to get.

I haven’t counted the DVDs I own, but they’re too many :slight_smile: but at the same time, not enough, I’m missing a lot, but this of course comes with the “job” of running this website, a completist against my own will so to say, haha

I currently have 324, thought that should go up by another 10 or so in the next month. Only got round to watching about half of them so far though!