$100,000 for Ringo / 100.000 dollari per Ringo (Alberto De Martino, 1965)

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:19, topic:473”]http://img31.imageshack.us/i/vlcsnap2011032522h44m27.png/


There’s a review of this movie, but for some reason the link won’t work (review accessible from the Main Page)

It was Colonel Douglas Mortimer (the real one, not the guy from that picture) who drew my attention to this movie, with a post on the thread of One Silver Dollar:

“One Silver Dollar was a huge hit box office wise, I think it actually outgrossed the Ringo films, although over time the Ringo films have gone on to be more famous. Another surprisingly historically relevant film is 100,000 Dollars for Ringo, which was a routine film, but a huge hit. Surprisingly, it is relatively obscure now, but it was hugely popular back in the day. Richard Harrison never achieved that status ever again.” [/quote]
much better than ringo series with gemma

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Hi , does anyone know where i can get an english dubbed or subtitled version of this.

My existing copy is a poor vhs rip and the english audio is out of sync . >:( I persevered with it as long as i could but my concentration level hit 0.

Thanks in advance.

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I think there’s a new upload on Cinemageddon
The one I got was of poor quality (look at the screenshot in the previous pic)

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[quote=“scherpschutter, post:23, topic:473”]I think there’s a new upload on Cinemageddon
The one I got was of poor quality (look at the screenshot in the previous pic)[/quote]

Thanks , i think that’s where i got the one i have originally. Unfortunately i fell out with some of the “high profile” users on Cinemageddon and deleted my account there.

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This was a good film. While not great, was still solid and good.

Much preferable to the “Man Who Killed Billy The kid” which was released at same time on DVD

Decent PQ

Better than scores of others ive seen. Definitely on my “watch again” list.

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Amazon states that the DVD has English audio whereas the database lists only English subtitles. Can anyone confirm whether it has the English dub or not? If not, where can I get a copy in DVD quality?

[DVD] Latest and Upcoming Releases

The information on the SWDb page as well as on the company’s website is incorrect: the Wild Coyote DVD has English and German audio, no subtitles. The sound quality of the English audio track is very bad, though.

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Thanks for letting me know. I’ll give it a try.

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Was it taken from the Something Weird VHS? The audio on some of their releases is pretty dreadful.

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If I remember right the VHS was the source because it is the longest exisiting english version. Also the 4min deleted scenes in the bonus part of the dvd are from the VHS.
Please take care that the dvd has a grindhouse picture quality because it was scanned from the last existing German 35mm print. Anyway colors and focus are on a very good level.
The feature with Alberto De Martino is very nice also because it seems to be his last interview ever.

Here are some screenshots from the Wild Coyote:

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I really enjoyed this. I didn’t find the English audio too bad on the DVD, either. There was one point in the film where the music went off, however. I turned on the German audio and the music was still playing. I’m not sure why they didn’t just borrow the music from the German dub to fill it in. There was no dialogue in that scene, so it didn’t really make sense why they left it silent. This is possibly my third favourite Richard Harrison spaghetti after Vengeance and One After Another. Highly enjoyable!

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Viewed that many versions of this over the years, but finally viewed the best copy so far. Super score as already mentioned to this one, powerfull stuff, with a great theme song. Interesting Harrison is never called Ringo in the film, but thats Spaghetti westerns for you. Cashing in on something. Actually followed the story in this one this time around, and yep I liked it. Some decent action, cement my opinion that Harrison starred in some good early westerns.