10,000 Dollars for a Massacre / 10.000 dollari per un massacro (Romolo Guerrieri, 1967)

Just watched this Garko vehicle. A very nice film with an incredible grim and sinister ending. Gian Maria Volonte’s brother Claudio Camaso plays the bad guy…

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DATABASE PAGE: 10.000 dollari per un massacro - The Spaghetti Western Database (spaghetti-western.net)

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Has anybody besides me noticed the similarities between the opening sequences of Romolo Guerrieri’s $10,000 Blood Money and Bergman’s The Seventh Seal?
It makes me think Guerrieri’s is something of a parody of Bergman’s. They both begin with shots of birds. They both have their “heros” (Django & Antonius Block) awaken with a sigh.
There are horses along the beach, rolling surf, and, of course, Death.
$10,000 Blood Money’s sequence is played for a dark laugh and works well (it is one of my favorite opening sequences in a Spaghetti).
I did a search on this site and did not see any mention of The Seventh Seal.
Maybe there is word of this elsewhere.

As far as I know you are the first to notice these similarities

When you watch the first minutes of Bergman’s movie, it’s hard to imagine that Guerrieri did not pay homage to (or parody) it
Like you say, the opening scene of Diecimila dollari … is dark and funny
That are probably not the adjectives you first think about talking about Bergman (although he certainly had some sense of humour) but I guess Guerrieri was impressed by Bergman’s visuals, especially his christian symbolism; grown up in catholic Italy, with christian imagery and symbols around nearly every corner, most spaghetti western directors have developed a powerful visual style, with vivid references to christian iconography

It was our own mr. Fielding who noticed the similarities between Gierrieri and Bergman

You can watch the opening scene of Bergman’s film in the previous scene

The next link will lead you to Caravaggio:

Very interesting! I hadn’t caught the resemblance, myself. But, now that it has been mentioned…I can totally see it!

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I also just recently saw it, and it’s pretty good. Although I found Volontés english dubbing quite bad. The voice was kind of like a parody of mexican bandits, no authority. But a good western it is, with familiar faces like Fernando Sancho and Loredana Nusciak, and Gianni Garko is cool.

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i only watched it in German and Italian, dont know how the english one is.

and it is NOT volonte, it’s his brother :slight_smile:

Yes, I know it’s Claudio. But I’ve only seen him in movies where he’s credited as “Claudio Volonté” before, so I just used that name out of habit. :wink: His brother does a great dubbing of himself into english in “For a few Dollars More”, by the way. Maybe he should’ve dubbed Claudio in this one. ;D

That isn’t Volonte’s own voice - you can hear ‘Indio’ in many other films also.

Sir Christopher Frayling states in the commentary tracks to both “Fistful of Dollars” and “For a few Dollars more” that Volonté din’t dub himself in “Fistful…”, but that he was bound by contract to do so in “For a few…”. He couldn’t speak english so he had to learn the lines phonetically.

I like his voice which is very creepy and sounds like some horror movie villain. Claudio Camaso is one of my favorite actors of the genre. I don’t know if he dubbed himself but same voice is also used in Vengeance and Vengeance is mine.

I haven´t seen this one for ages but I got hold of Franco Cleef´s version some time ago, I´ll think I will pop that disc into the player today. Great music by Nora Orlandi ads to the fun.

you should get hold of the Koch Media Django box, i’ve just put the english review online on the main page. give it a read-over :slight_smile:

Nice review Seb but I’ll think I stick with my Swedish exrental and my FC-DVD, both are in english and look near perfect.

The biggest problem with this movie (and Per 100,000 dollari ti ammazzo from the same box) is the makeup. They sure wear TO MUCH mascara !! ;D

‘10.000 dollari per un massacro’ is one of my favorite SW !!! Garko and Camaso are great in this one ! The music is also great !!!

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Here’s my cast list for this great movie.

Based on Italian track of German DVD. Onscreen credits are in Italian. All names are the same in German track except nicknames.

Gary Hudson as Django
Loredana Nusciak as Mijanou
Claudio Camaso as Manuel Vasquez [size=8pt] : Vasqiez on IMDb, this incorrect, Vasquez on warrant[/size]
Adriana Ambesi as Dolores Mendoza [size=8pt] : Mendossa in English subtitles which seems unlikely spelling[/size]
Pinuccio Ardia as Sette Dollari [size=8pt]: Seven Dollars in English subtitles, Sieben Dollar in German track[/size]
Fidel Gonzales as Fidelio
Franco Lantieri as Juan
Massimo Sarchielli as Cisco
Ermelinda De Felice as Rosita [size=8pt]: LaPola on IMDb, this name does not seem to be mentioned, Sancho does say something but’s it’s definitely not LaPola[/size]
Dada Gallotti as Scarface’s Whore
Franco Bettella
Aldo Cecconi as Scarface
Renato Montalbano
Peggy Nathan
Nando Poggi as Vasquez Henchman
Mirko Valentin as Vasquez Henchman [size=8pt]: Cisco on IMDb, this is incorrect, Cisco is Massimo Sarchielli[/size]
Fernando Sancho as Manuel’s Father [size=8pt]: at one point the subtitles say “they call me Stardust”. I do hear something like “Polvere di Stelle” in Italian track but I have no idea what the sentence is.[/size]
Rocco Lerro as Joe (uncredited)
Jimmy il Fenomeno as Bartender (uncredited) [size=8pt]: thank god this afwul “actor” doesn’t get any actual screentime, 1 quick shot of his moronic face[/size]
Herman Reynoso as Mendoza (uncredited)

Screenshots of unknowns here ImageShack - Best place for all of your image hosting and image sharing needs

Additions/Corrections are welcome