10,000 Dollars for a Massacre / 10.000 dollari per un massacro (Romolo Guerrieri, 1967)

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Yes a bit of overacting in this one as mentioned in the database review of the film. Also to much eye make up used for one of the stars as also mentioned in this thread. But some great scenes in the film and shot very nicely I thought. Some of the music cues are somewhat familar to horror films of the decade. But on the whole this is one cool movie and represents so many elements of the genre so well.

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“10,000 Dollars Blood Money” is my favorite spaghetti other than the “Man With No Name” trilogy and “The Great Silence”, that’s how much I like it, although obviously I’m not saying that it’s on a par with those, it is a favorite that I have to watch every now and then (like “Black Jack” ;-).

Claudio Camaso was a great villain opposite Gianni Garko, and everything about this one just seemed right to me.

I’m not saying it’s perfect by any means, but it would be in my top 20 for sure.

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I thought the beginning was quite boring but once Django encountered Manuel’s father, I started to enjoy it a lot. I’m surprised it has more points than El Puro. I don’t think it’s half as good. There’s many other spaghetti westerns I’d give higher ratings to, as well, e.g. Vengeance, I Want Him Dead, Taste of Killing, etc.

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El puro is indeed much better, but also still a less widely known film.

The other 3 are far less good for me.

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Never thought about El Puro being less well known, but your probably right. I am just biased and have known about the film for many years.

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I just watched this one again and enjoyed it so much more than I did the first time. This is definitely going in my top 20.

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Can anyone screen-shot the Koch DVD to compare it with the transfer available in the Timeless Media set?

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Well, after watching the film four times, it has now made its way into my top 7 spaghetti westerns. Since I’ve acquired both releases, I thought I’d compare the Timeless transfer with Koch Media’s:

Koch Media wins on the transfer. However, having watched both the English and Italian dubs, I’ve found that I prefer this one in English, so I’ll be watching the Timeless disc more often. My ideal would be Koch Media quality + English dub with the Italian version of Basta cosi left in at the end.

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I’ve hardly ever seen a Koch Media transfer that didn’t triumph over the competition.

I gotta say though, I love the English version of Basta Cosi. Giorgio Farina actually has very good pronunciation compared to most Italian singers attempting English lyrics.

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I was really excited about another Guerrieri’s western. Johnny Yuma is one of my favourites, it’s wonderfully directed and nicely shot. Well, Guerrieri delivers the goods again. The intro scene on the beach and the following one where Django meets Manuel belongs to the authors best offerings. All in all the direction is nothing but excellent. It’s not Guerrieri hand but the unfocused story that fails to impress. It’s too episodic. The another problem I have with the movie is how Garko desperately tries to ape Franco Nero. What’s even worse, his Django is a complete asshole. He does not stand on the edge of the law but blatantly cross it. Well this might work in Sartana movies, not here. I could not care less about his fate. I would also expect Django would know bandits are not very trustworthy. On top of that they had to cast Lorenda Nusciak. She is beautiful but she plays exactly the same kind of woman as she did in Django! The same character, the same appearance, same everything. And there is a comical side kick who bothered me this time, in Johnny Yuma it works, in 10.000 it does not. So in the end it’s devilish Claudio Camaso who maintans interest, his Manuel might be even more likeable than Django. The locations are bit of a letdown. They change quickly from Almeria to Italian soil and even some gravel pits. Fortunately Guerrieri was not lame and made the best of it so it did not bother me that much.

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I thought this was overrrated the first time I watched it but it was terrific the second time. It’s in my top 7 now. Worth watching a few times to know for sure how you feel about it.


I was a tad disappointed when I saw this, I actually enjoyed Vengeance is Mine more. But I’m definitely gonna give it another viewing.

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You are right, I’ve seen it several times and the impression def. went up, I only still did not like Django and the fragmented plot.

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I’d say both movies are very similar in qualities. 10.000 is imo better directed while Vengeance is mine stays more focused.


This was on my re-watch list for a while…

Safe to say I enjoyed it way more this time. Garko must be the king of sneering; his facial expressions are always great. I forgot how good the music was too!


Gave this one a second go and I’m so glad i did. It was one of the first spaghetti westerns I watched outside of Leone and didn’t enjoy it at the time, I thought it was a bit too ‘artsy’ to take seriously as a western but after watching some of the more theatrical spags like Return of Ringo, Johnny Hamlet, Johnny Kidd, Vengeance is Mine etc. (all of which I think are among the best of the genre) I really appreciated it’s more unique style. I still prefer Vengeance is… by a bit though.


I couldn’t get through this the first time, maybe because it was an " unofficial" Django film. Nonetheless, I watched it last night. First off Gianni Garko plays the lead role like a champ. He was my favorite thing about the film. Second the score is really catchy, the villain ( Manuel) was a total evil, dirtbag. A womanizer, and gambler, who has to be one of the most memorable villains I’ve seen on screen in a while.


Second viewing for me was excellent! I must have been tired or something the first time I saw this. This has to be my favorite Gianni Garko film.


I felt the same, it’s now my second favourite of his after Vengeance is Mine, in fact they’re the only two I like. I’m one of those who hates the Sartana movies and They Call him Cemetery, and A Taste of Vengeance and $1000 on the Black were so-so for me, but I do like him as an actor he gave good performances in the latter two.


So I finally experienced the English dub of this film.

It was pretty good, but I definitely prefer the Italian version, since it has better dialogue and Manuel’s voice can actually be taken seriously.