10,000 Dollars for a Massacre / 10.000 dollari per un massacro (Romolo Guerrieri, 1967)

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In the meantime I wrote a review of the movie:


I was a bit more positive on the shootout in the ghosttown after rewatching it
(The review still needs some links + a photo, feel free you computer maniacs!)

(Paco Roman) #62

Good review Sherp!

During watching I never recognize the catholic connections in SW. Most of the Italian Filmmakers were Catholic, so I’m sure that it’s easy to find in almost SW something of the catholic (unofficial) mythology and christian symbolism.
I liked that you mentioned Jason King! :slight_smile:

(Tigrero) #63

Great review Scherp.

I agree Fernando Sancho was great in this one. Also agree about the overplaying…I think that was part of what made the film really enjoyable for me.

(alk0) #64

Interesting movie containing some great, memorable scenes with nice score and great cast. But i still say “Vengeance is mine” is better :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway this one gets 8/10

(Ming) #65

Downright fu**ing excellent.

Well shot with a good score. Atmospheric & never dull.
Excellent acting all round - in particular Gianni Garko & Claudio Camaso.

Highly recommended.

(Col. Douglas Mortimer) #66

ONe of the best unofficial djangos, if not THE best. I thought it was better than vengeance is mine but that movie was great too.

(Ming) #67

I’m gonna watch that in a few minutes. ;D

(Pacificador) #68

Well I quite enjoyed this one…although it displayed nothing really new it had everything that I wanted in a SW tonight. Good casting, great scenery, enjoyable movie.

BTW Seb is there a way to combine this topic with the “10000 Blood Money” topic? Seems like a waste to have 2 different threads about the same movie.


I love it. Amazing score, the best Fernando Sancho i’ve ever seen and a dramatic, cold-blooded, revengeful finale which is one of my all- time favourites sw scenes. What a brilliant vocal track is the one in the ending! Unfortunately it’s not included in the CD soundtrack of the DJANGO BOX. Totally recommended! 5/5

(jaho) #70

I’m relatively new to spaghetti westerns, but I have to say this is one of the best that I’ve seen. This one is kinda surreal. I loved it!

p.s. Did anyone else get the homosexual vibe from this one?

(Dillinger) #71

Because of Claudio Camaso’s Mascara?

(Reverend Danite) #72

Yeah! - I’ve tracked down a previously unknown and uncut copy.
In this, as Garko stares into Loredana Nusciak’s ‘cold dead eyes’, he is heard to say “That’s it! I’ve had it with women from now on.” Later, he is seen to be actually taking Claudio roughly from behind, and Claudio does look ravishing in a pretty red saloon girls outfit.
Otherwise, I don’t think it’s that obvious. :wink:

(Dillinger) #73

Man, hard :wink: stuff!

This needs further investigation, thanks jaho.

(Reverend Danite) #74

And before anybody picks me up for being homophobic and dealing in rash stereotyping, may I just point out that I’m probably a closet homosexual myself, being a reverend an’ all.

(Sieglinde) #75

Aww, it’s totally filled with subtext. If I remember good, there’s a fighting scene in which they end laying side by side and… ;D

Claudio’s hot. Despite the mascara. He was so sexy… the poor thing.

(Frank Talby) #76

I just watched it (3rd attempt but not the movie’s fault) and I agree it is an excellent western. Garko is top notch as is Gamasio the revenge seeking bandit. Though his eye makeup is over the top. This will definitely be making its way into my top 40 and most likely top 20.

(I...I...Idiot) #77

4 out of 5 & in my top 20. Both 10,000 & 100,000 are great although I give the slight edge to 100,000. Very eerie ending in the ghost town. Although the alternate english title I believe was ‘10,000 For Mascara’ ;D

(Dillinger) #78

The English titles I know are:

10,000 Dollars Blood Money
Guns of Violence
Ten Thousand Dollars for a Massacre

(silver_emulsion) #79

Just posted my review of the film. I loved it. It’s a great movie, with a great story and cast. Claudio Camaso is awesome. Already looking forward to watching this one again.

(El Topo) #80

Ah this one it’s a great Sw with true spaghetti “grinta”

When it cames to SW, I more of a purist, I do not like those mixes type spags (with kung Fu, Kray Maga or whatever) putting machine guns in Sewing machines, or heavy metal soundtracks, is not that it can’t be good from time to time but it’s a matter of personal taste, trumpet sounds lots of mexicans, normal 45 duels and an ocasional normal to the time machine gun coming out of a coffin.
Well with this one you can’t go wrong the usual but always cool revenge bounty hunter story very well filmed by the way and developed, a fantastic initial scene on the beach a great soundtrack with some classic american connections in some scenes (like in the stage coach assault) bad ass mexicans, the director did the usual mix but with class.
The younger Volonte must have had some issues, but he added true dimension to his characters, and let’s say it, in this film some artistic feeling also, he was one of the perfect baddies of SW, Garko it’s a cool Django second only to Franco Nero (this is a compliment), only the more comic reliefs of the film are a bit of a let down (at least in such a dramatic film), but we are not talking about perfection here, perfection it’s another thing.
There some things going in a surreptitious way some hidden messages in the movie, maybe, but for me that it’s not the most important, the most important it’s how things work so well as an all in this film, to delivery a fine SW.