Zwei Wilde companeros

Hi, have the chance purchasing the digidreams march 23 2020 platinum cult edition of Zwei Wilde companeros blu ray,can anyone who’s bought it give me an idea on picture quality ,it’s listed as uncut 117mins ,it’s stated in English but no mention of subs.for uncut parts.
Hope there’s someone out there who’s got it and will let me know?

I bought it a while back but haven’t had a look. Will pop it in later and confirm the specs for you. The picture quality will not be great, so much is certain

Okay @Corm I popped mine in and checked. It is that later budget single disc release but the technical specs should be the same most likely, the menu also calls it the “platinum cult edition” so they just repressed that disc.
The main menu gives an English audio option. The cut German theatrical version is only an extra, not sure if the English version was even cut? Hitting play the BluRay player shows the total running time to be 1:55, there are no English subtitles to chose from. I wonder which scenes I could check to see if there are uncut parts not dubbed in English… I dont have time right now to watch the whole thing, but I intend to do so soon.
As I said, the quality is so so at best. Very blurry and pixelated, tons of DNR, probably better than an upscaled DVD but not by much. This company is not known for high quality releases.

Yes this was the blu ray I was going to buy originally but stated on back of cover,
German,Italian and Spanish language no mention of English audio is yours the same?
I have the Wild east dvd and info at beginning before start of movie indicates subs.for missing parts in English as movie did not have complete English language , English subs in various parts of the wild east release you would have to watch your blu ray to compare if blu ray the same.please let me know if there’s definitely English audio even if doesn’t say say so on cover,and thanks for the your help.

yes definitely English audio, but would have to watch it in whole to see what happens during the missing parts…

Please let me know the outcome after viewing movie.

So I took one for the team and went ahead and watched it right away (thank me later)… the quality is really quite bad, haha, so not sure if the switch from DVD will elicit a big enlightenment in the appreciation of the film… but on the positive side the movie is better than I remembered (but also too long).

The English audio track here on this disc doesn’t sound great, first of all, but OK. Some scenes jump to Spanish with English subtitles, which leads me to assume that the source for this BluRay may have been the Spanish release also listed in the SWDb and not just for the audio, the image quality is slightly different in these scenes.
The scenes in question, all in the first half of the film, are:

  • part of the initial conversation between Nero and Wallach in the prison cell
  • when they first meet up with their red headed saviour and ride off in a daring night time escape, a scene which continues into the next day and their adventures in the next town where they shake off a lot of the Sheriff’s men. That’s quite a lot of minutes altogether, they must’ve deemed this an unnecessary part of the story that could easily be cut out.
  • A third instance is right after they found the first part of the map and run into the army, then Salvador is born and they go on to try and themselves of their redheaded guardian angel, switching back to English only after they take off in the motorcycle.

btw very funny that she says “vamos, el horse” at one point, LMFAO. does anyone know if redgrave dubbed herself in this?

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Thanks for info.will now totally avoid.

Yeah, I’m 99% sure it’s her … with a dodgy Irish accent, but the fantastic ‘F’ Bomb right at the end is a classic :wink:

I quite like the film, especially for Eduardo Fajardo who is always brilliant whether playing comedy of a straight role.

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