Zorro (Duccio Tessari, 1975)

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The internationally produced Zorro is set in South America instead of the California locales of the series. Alain Delon stars as the newly appointed governor who immediately butts heads with corrupt Colonel Huerta (Stanley Baker). To rescue the peasants from Huerta’s despotry, the governor becomes the caped-and-masked do-gooder Zorro. The film never really takes itself seriously, not even during the final, well-staged duel between Zorro and Huerta.

I’ve been curious about this Tessari flick, and finally watch it yesterday. A friend of mine considers it as a top 10 in this genre. But in my opinion is an adventure movie, hardly a spaghetti-western.

So here’s a topic for the movie and new pictures were added to the gallery. :wink:

I’ve seen it, but that was so long ago that I remember nothing. Only that I thought it was an average film and … yes, hardly a western. Only another Zorro flic.

Have it to watch. Seem to have three different versions of this one :stuck_out_tongue: .

Yes. It seems that some slaughtered versions are available. I’ve watch the uncut, about 2 hours.

My favorite scene:

Looks a good scene :smiley: .

Yes. A lot of comic scenes were included. Sargent Garcia is indeed a funny character!

seen recently!
I did not think that is there humor in the movie! Thank God no Klamauck only slight joke that is the movie!
A good movie! :wink:

And a review is now available at our blog (warning: in portuguese):

I heard once Delon made it because he absolutely wanted to do a film his children were able to see (ratings were still rather strict in those days). I’ve never seen it, and judging from the screenshot, this is not my cup of tea

Viewed a few Zorro films recently and they all seem the same.

The role of the Governor also played by Delon is quite pathetic and Sargent Garcia is obviously a comic character…
But still an enjoyable (and long) adventure flick. You should try to watch the samples available in Youtube.

I never was a big fan of the TV-series either, but the installments only ran for some twenty minutes, if I’m not mistaken
I somehow liked sergeant Garcia. Like most people, I guess. He’s a bit like Fernando Sancho. I read once that Sancho was a very nice guy, a sort of uncle for Giuliano Gemma’s daughter, who was very fond of him. She called him ‘that Spanish uncle who spoke funny Italian’ (Italians love to hear Spaniards speak Italian, they think it’s incredibly funny). I can imagine that this guy who played Garcia, was a funny guy too.


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Opening theme song by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis is a dubvious sounding one. Delon looks the part and Stanley Baker in one of his last roles is the main bad guy. Camp affair on the whole with some inventive light hearted action, in which the dubvious song is played to much. End duel between the leads is exciting and film is a little more serious at this point. Rich sets and costumes, in a bigger than usual budget for a Euro Zorro film, and film went fast at just over two hours.

Very boring film. Painful to watch.

Most of the film is indeed suitable for children, and there is too much humour of the unfunny kind. Except for the long final duel most of the action scenes are killed by the attempts to make them funny. 2/10

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