Zarah Leander

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Swedish singer Zarah Leander had a big career and was very popular in National Socialist Germany

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Oh come on Lindberg, what are you after here in the forum lately?

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Zarah Leander performed in Germany even after the war

She had an unusually dark voice, this is one of her most famous songs

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Göring, Hitler & Speer

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BL best to forget it man, I already gave up. It’s no use

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:o Really, shouldn’t we get off the topic of Nazi’s and back onto films?

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Poster for the NSDAP, the National Socialist German Workers Party, the “Nazi Party”

The poster says the NSDAP ensures the community of the people

Member of the people if you need advice and help then contact your local group

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Some cute National Socialist girls :slight_smile:

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Herr Lindberg