Your Top Ten Favorite Actresses?

Who are your top ten favorite actresses?

When compared to an actors list, it’s pretty hard to think of enough decent actresses, but I’ve managed to come up with ten names:

1. Rita Hayworth (Favorite role: Gilda)

2. Jennifer Jones (Favorite role: Duel in the Sun)

3. Janet Leigh (Favorite role: Psycho)

4. Marilyn Monroe (Favorite role: Some Like it Hot)

5. Marlene Dietrich (Favorie role: Rancho Notorious)

6. Ingrid Bergman (Favorite role: Notorious)

7. Grace Kelly (Favorite role: To Catch a Thief)

8. Vivien Leigh (Favorite role: Gone with the Wind)

9. Margaret Dumont (Favorite role: A Night at the Opera)

10. Agnes Moorehead (Favorite role: The Magnificent Ambersons)

Famke Janssen
Lilli Carati
Ornella Muti
Edwige Fenech
Claudia Cardinale

oh fuck it, i give up!

Louise Brooks

Isabelle Adjani

Barbara Steele

Marilyn Monroe

Zhang Ziyi

Ginger Rogers

Edwige Fenech

Monica Bellucci

Lauren Bacall

Gloria Guida
-Maybe not great actress but included just for being the most beautiful thing ever lived

Nice choices there Bill. I completely foregot Ginger Rogers! A fine actrees, and a even better dancer.

Yea, good choice, I love Louise Brooks.

[quote=“Dillinger, post:5, topic:2181”]Yea, good choice, I love Louise Brooks.[/quote]Never heard of her myself.

Louise Brooks most famose role was Pandora’s Box (1929).

1=. Audrey Hepburn

Favourite Role: Breakfast at Tiffany’s

1=. Greta Garbo

Favourite Role: Camille

  1. Gene Tierney

    Favourite Role: Laura

  2. Vivien Leigh

    Favourite Role: Gone with the Wind

  3. Rita Hayworth

    Favourite Role: Gilda

  4. Hedy Lamarr

    Favourite Role: Ecstasy

  5. Olivia de Havilland

    Favourite Role: Gone with the Wind (IMO she was better than Vivien Leigh in this film)

  6. Grace Kelly

    Favourite Role: Dial M for Murder

  7. Helen Mirren

    Favourite Role: The Long Good Friday

  8. Jodie Foster

    Favourite Role: The Accused

Your Film Noir traits shine through (not a bad thing), and I see you finally got round to watching Gone with the Wind. I somehow wouldn’t put Audrey Hepburn up there. She never really grabbed me as an actrees.

oh, I totally forgot Audrey from my list, she’s definitely one of my favorites.