Your Spaghetti Top (Ten) quotes

Hey guys,

I could not find a thread about your Top Spaghetti quotes. If I was just too dumb-eyed to find “THE” thread…I am sorry and would be very happy if you share the link with me.
If not: Please let me know your Top 10 / your favorite Spaghetti Movie Quotes. I am thinking of some pithy sayings or epic/classic sound bites like: “If you’re going to shoot, shoot, don’t talk”.

Looking forward for your answers…


I remember there being a thread.

Yes there is a very similar Favourite SW quote thread (five pages), but not a Top Ten one.,61.msg8282.html#msg8282

Thank you lieutenant for remembering there beeing a thread 8)
and thank you Jonathan for remembering how to find this thread ;D

I was really tryin but couldnt find this thread with the forum search…but now you have made me VERY happy!!!
Btw: I am working on a (spaghetti) western music mix mainly with jazz, soul, blues, 60ies pop and electronics. I have been collecting covers and hommages for 3-4 years now and the only thing that was missing were some epic quotes to mix em in. I do not know when I ll find the time to finish this project…but if it is done, i will post it here. Thx again!