Your recycled scores

After watching the Anolis version of Cemetery Without Crosses and their Django Kill reuse, I thought how interesting it would be if I had could swap scores with different spaghettis. Seeing how different scores worked with different films. Here is some possibilites.

His Name was Holy Ghost score with Taste of Vengeance
Return of Ringo score with Drummer of Vengeance
Companeros score with Big Gundown (?)
Once Upon a Time in the West score with The Forgotten Pistolero

Your thoughts?

Did you like The Django Kill parts in CWC?

I honestly don’t know. They were kinda cool but don’t really fit the movie. I like the soundtrack to DJ but I don’t think it fits. I have yet to watch the whole movie, only the DJ score parts.

The DJ score is one of my favourite ones as well.
There are movies with awfully bad scores, like Bad man’s river. You could recycle alsmost every score in flicks like that.

I would like to see Mario Migliardi’s scores for Shoot the Living… and Price of Death added to Matalo. And vice Versa with the other two. Great Scores.

Interesting idea.