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Hello everybody again!

I’d like to ask if anybody has experience with the website

It sells bootlegs of rare films and because I was interested in some Greek titles they have, I contacted them with E-Mail. When I found out that the copies they had were the same cut versions that I also have, he/she suggested to contact a collector and supply me with uncut versions of the films. The price for every DVD is 15 €.

The price is reasonable, but I’m not sure if he/she tells the truth. :confused:

Has anybody of you contacted them before or bought any titles? Is the website trustworthy?

I have never heard of them and would be very wary of sending money their way.

I rarely use online bootleggers. I’m sure some kind soul would burn you a copy if you asked them. Ask people who have Cinemageddon accounts, they might be able to get you a copy for free if you ask politely.

Keeping in mind that these things operate in a legal gray area at best, and that only within US copyright law. Just want to point that out :wink: Without getting into legal arguments, I think everyone would be better off if legit companies would scoop up the rights to all these old flicks and published them under license, with the proceeds going where they belong: to the makers of the films. But that is a huge headache of course with the course of Italys film industry in mind… I digress …

Yes, Johny. You are absolutely right. They are not going to have mý money without proof.

Hm, thats a actually a good idea with Cinemageddon. I’m really interested to know if there is Greek exploitation in uncut versions there! :laughing:

Yes, that’s true, but so long some films have no DVD release yet, there is no other option for us than being a bit illegal to get some titles. And if you compare the course of Italys film industry with the Greek one, “headache” is not the describing word! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: In Greece, due to complicated right issues, also great films with an international status and nominations and awards in Cannes and elsewhere have no proper or sometimes no release at all. It’s a shame…