Your first spaghetti western?

My first was Pistols Don’t Argue when I was a kid on TV. I liked it then because it had enough action scenes to correspondent my expectations.
In these days they aired lots of american westerns, which were highly popular amongst us teenies, but no SWs, only a few of the german westerns. Pistols has not much SW elements in it, it wasn’t different from all the US westerns, but I knew that it was a european production because of the german actors.

My 1st real spag was OuTW in cinema. I was bored then, because of the wrong expectations. It was years later, when I saw one scene on TV, and suddenly I thought “Oh my god, this is fantastic”. Since then it was one of my favourites and became one of the films which I was able to see in cinama alone several times.

For a Few Dollars More in 2001, I was obsessed with Leone in 2002, I saw The Good the Bad and the Ugly every week. Then started watching others in 2004-2005.

Not viewed this one in around 5 years I think.

Me too, I knew of them quite early (therefore this thread), but I re-discovered them only a couple of years ago.
Ok, I watched one from time to time, but this kind of SW addiction is quite young…

The first for me was probably one of the Dollars trilogy when I was a kid in the 70s. There’s also a chance it could have been Death Rides A Horse or a Trinity film as when I got 'round to seeing them in the last couple of years they seemed very familiar - especially DRaH.
My dad’s always been into westerns so I saw many when I was growing up, although, apart from the Dollars movies - which I saw often as a kid, most were American.
I only got into spaghettis bigtime after they showed a short season on UK TV a couple of years ago - which included Django & Keoma.

I remember seeing GBU on TV when I was about 10…I can remember bits and pieces of what I thought at the time and I knew I loved the grittiness of the italian western. After that it took me about 20 years to come back home to the genre.

I think i’ve mentioned this in an earlier thread, but the first one I saw was For A Few Dollars More, closely followed by the two other Dollars films. The only others i saw on UK tv were the two Trinity films and the first two Sabatas. Then pretty much nothing til the early 90’s when ITv started showing (at very unreasonable times) a few (On the Third Day Arrived The Crow, One Damned Day At Dawn, Django Against Sartana and Vengeance). Picked up a few more on vhs when Aktiv started releasing them, but I only started to learn about and see many more a few years ago…and being on this forum helped a lot with that :wink: