Your favourite hits from the 1960s

Arnold Layne is great, but this one’s better:

Hard to imagine that they once were a ‘single group’ (and young!)

Same song, better clip (but with some ‘voice overs’:

Serge is amazing of course Histoire the Melody Nelson c’est magnifique

But I prefer or prefer it’s not the word, gives me more satisfaction to ear the one and only Jacques Brell

This is pure GENIUS

I think at least one Dutch hit is needed here
This is my niece cousin Trea Dobbs. I haven’t met her in at least ten years, so don’t ask me for a signature
She was a lovely red-head when young, but she’s (if I’m not mistaken) nine years older than I am:

This is more how she’s looking today:

It was a smash hit in Holland, her only big hit
Still she was Johan Cruyff’s girlfriend for a few weeks (I later found out)

Well this is gonna be hard to stop

It sounded like the Lili Marlene theme

Still With the Dutch, But this time with another GENIUS in a version of other genius

Scott Walker. The sixties were a depressing time in Portugal I only guess, poverty, war, and dictature

Nothing beats the original, El Topo (nobody beats good old Jacques!):

True, but Scott is a genius in is own just lesson to his recent records

Well, if every country had a soundtrack, the Portuguese one would had to be made by this man

Carlos Paredes the Master of Portuguese guitar

The song is Verdes Anos- A direct translation of this is Green Years it means Years of Youth, It’s the title and Soundtrack of a great movie Verdes Anos made in sixties