Your favourite hits from the 1960s

Which hit songs from the 1960s do you like? :slight_smile:

Post your favourites and opinions here :slight_smile:

I’ll start with Millie Small - My Boy Lollipop

Big hit in 1964, fun song ;D

Del Shannon - Runaway

From 1961, great stuff :smiley:

Even as a child, I had something with Italy:

Ninni’ Rosso - Il Silenzio

And then this, still a favourite:

Be my Baby - The Ronettes

Eddie Cochran died in 1960 and his closest friend (who was in the car with him when it crashed) at the time wrote and sang this in 1961, not giving a jot for what some might think… Love of a Man

and another favorite, from 1967 - a cover of the song from Lili - sung by the strangely beautiful Leslie Caron, but this time by…

(sorry Lindberg - not hits really, 'scept they are for me.)


The Hollies - Bus Stop

From 1966 :slight_smile:

That’s ok, but do post some real hits as well if you have any faves :wink:

Green River by Creedence Clearwater Revival:

Maybe be just a hit song for me :slight_smile: .

Ooooh - they were good. This is my fave of theirs…

(edit - ooops 1970 :-[ )

also loved watching the tv shows of this bunch…

Classic stuff…glad to see you are a fan Reverend :slight_smile: .

Petula Clark - Downtown [1964]

France Gall in the 1965 Eurovision song contest :slight_smile:

Fan too! And this is my favourite:

And I’ve always been a fan of these cercopithecoids !

(lordradish is a fan too, so they’re a well-protected species here)

France Gall, Creedence, The Monkeys, Ninni Rosso, Petula Clark, The Ronettes …

Play this thread at my funeral (when Scherpschutter goes downtown)!

and this one - about a girl that likes sucking lollipops!!! :o
Produced by Serge Gainsbourg - it couldn’t be about anything else … surely? :wink:

Better version soundwise - but without the mad penis-lollipops…

God - she was beautiful!!

Pink Floyd/Syd Barret - Arnold Layne

The Kinks - Waterloo Sunset (genius pop song)

Love- To be alone agin or… (genius song again, it will be perfect in a SW)

And speaking of Gainsbourg… this one must of course be included in the thread :wink:

From 1969