Your favorite tracks of all time

Also can be downloaded fromShobary’s site.

A list of favourite sw music would be fun, but should it be complete scores, main themes, or just any favourite piece of music?

Perhaps we should have several separate lists?

i think we should vote for the best OST (means whole cd of a movie).then we can vote several tracks.But first we need a good calculating sytem…

Perhaps we should have several separate lists?

sounds good

Here are my top five

Forgotten Pistolero
Matalo (acoustic)
Face to Face
Carambola (guitar)

Here is my top 5:

  1. Django (English version)
  2. The Great Silence (main theme)
  3. Cemetary Without Crosses (‘The Rope and the Colt’)
  4. Mannaja (main theme)
  5. Black Jack (main theme)
  1. L’estasi dell’oro (TGTBTU)
  2. Vamos a matar companeros
  3. The big gundown
  4. Django (instrumental version)
  5. I can’t decide between the main themes for The good, the Bad and the Ugly and For a Few Dollars More :wink:
  1. La resa dei Conti (For a few Dollars more)
  2. l’Arena (The Mercenary)
  3. La storia di un Soldato (The Good, the Bad & the Ugly)
  4. I Giorni dell’ira (Main theme)
  5. Bandidos (Main theme)
  6. Il Pistolero dell’Ave Maria (Main theme)

Updated list:

  1. The Great Silence (main theme)
  2. Django (English version)
  3. Torso (main theme)
  4. Mannaja (main theme)
  5. Cemetary Without Crosses (main theme)
  1. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly (main)
  2. Django (English version)
  3. For A Few Dollars More (main)
  4. Titoli (Trinity)
  5. Death Rides A Horse (Main)
  6. Fifty Women For Blindman
  7. Un uomo chiamato (Apocalysse Joe)
  8. Tamburi, Tamburi (Ace High)
  9. Il Ritorno Di Ringo (inst.)
  10. Silhouette Of Doom (Navajo Joe)
  1. The Good The Bad and the Ugly (the trio)
  2. Dead Men Ride (opening theme)
  3. Genius Two Partners (Pepper chewing gum)
  4. Duck You Sucker (Giù La Testa)
  5. For a Few Dollars More (Sixty second to what)
  6. Run Man Run (chase theme, in Scalps as well)
  7. Vengeance (opening theme)
  8. Mannaja (Wolf)
  9. Four of the Apocalypse (Serene Moments)
  10. Bullet for the General (Ya Me Voy)

In no particular order

  1. Apocalypse Joe main theme
  2. Light the Fuse Sartana Main theme
  3. Have a good Funeral Sartana main theme
  4. My Name is nobody main theme
  5. Ecstasy of Gold GBU
  6. Caccia Big Gundown
  7. Resa Big Gundown
    8 and 9. Both Providenza main themes (tie)
  8. Find a Man Johnny Hamlet
  9. Sartana angel of death main theme
  10. Fistful of dollars main theme
  11. For a few dollars more main theme
  12. Price of Power main theme
  13. They call Me hallelujah main theme
  14. Smile Viva Django
  15. No room to die instrumental main theme
  16. Texas Adios main theme
  17. Stranger returns main theme
  18. Banjo Sabata


So it seems we have a few “top soundtracks” topics that we might have to pick apart and recombine. But… just as we have a few movie top 20s on the SWDb, how about we compile the official SWDb soundtrack top 20 there as well?

Sounds like a good idea to me. You’re in charge though so it’s up to you :wink:

Who put me in charge? :wink:

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:laughing: I submitted my top 20 list to the other topic on this subject. If you go ahead feel free to use that as my submission. :slight_smile:

Yes we should consolidate a number of nominations and then have a poll going to weed out a top 20

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Top soundtracks, or top tracks, or both? I could help out with compiling this poll.

I suggest calling for nominations of best overall soundtrack (judging the music, not the movie), and then include all nominees in a poll.


Let’s roll: The SWDb Top SW soundtrack awards