Your favorite tracks of all time

post your top 5s, gringos!


  1. Ecstasy of gold (Morricone)
  2. Il Mercenario (Morricone)
  3. Harmonica title theme (Morricone)
  4. Jill’s America (Morricone)
  5. Django title song (Bacalov, Roberto Fia)
  1. Estasi d’ell oro
  2. Django (english)
  3. Sabata
  4. Vamos a matar Companeros
  5. The wild bunch (My name is nobody)

Man with Harmonica
Ecstasy of Gold
Great Silence(main theme)
Big Gundown(main theme)
For a Few dollars more(duel theme, can’t remember it’s name right now)

Bruno Nicolai: Have a Good Funeral, My Friend… Sartana Will Pay
Bruno Nicolai: They Call Him Cemetery
Bruno Nicolai: Adios Sabata
Andre Hossein: Cemetary without Crosses
De Angelis: Keoma (yes, I like it!)


1 - Harmonica
2 - Ectasy of gold
3 - trio
4 - Jill theme
5 - Grand Duel (Bacalov)


  1. The Mercenary - L’Arena - Morricone
  2. The Good, the Bad & the Ugly - Main Theme - Morricone
  3. Forgotten Pistolero - Main Theme - Pregadio.
  4. Have A Good Funeral My Friend, Sartana Will Pay - Main Theme - Nicolai
  5. Adios Sabata - Main Theme - Nicolai

Other great tracks:

A Pistol For Ringo - The Slaughter - Morricone
The Stranger Returns - Main Theme - Cipriani
GBU - The Trio - Morricone
GBU - Ectasy of Gold - Morricone
The Big Gundown - Main Theme - Morricone
The Great Silence - Nuddu - Morricone

And yes, I like it too…

Keoma - Main Theme - DeAngelis Brothers

Very hard to narrow it down to a top 5. A top 20 would be easier.

  1. The Trio (GBU)
  2. Ecstasy of Gold (GBU)
  3. Django Theme (Italian version)
  4. Harmonica (OUATIW)
  5. Navaja Joe Theme

i like just about everything ive heard from morricone so far. heres a couple highlights off the top of my head though…

“Farewell To Cheyenne” from once upon a time in the west
" Death Of A Solider" from the good the bad and the ugly
" Main Title Theme" from The great silence

however im still relatively new to the genre, so im sure theres plenty more favorites to come. anyone have any soundtracks or scores suggestions from composers other than morricone? preferably something not too hard to find in the states?

  1. Man with Harmonica
  2. Ecstasy of Gold
  3. Great Silence(main theme)
  4. For a Few dollars more(duel theme)
  5. My name is nobody

Ecstasy of Gold
Great Silence Main Theme
Sabata "
Companeros "
Run man run "

01 Great Silence “Nuddu” Vocal version Morricone
02 Johnny Hamlet Main title Francesco de Masi
03 Extasy of Gold Morricone GBU
04 Navajo Joe Main Title Morricone
05 They call him Cemetery Main title Bruno Nicolai

i also enjoy
The Return of Ringo Main title Morricone/maurizio graf
Mannaja “Wolf” Guido & Maurizio De Angelis
My name is pecos “Dal sud verra’qualcuno” Lallo Gori&the Animals (not credited!)
Django Main title Luis Enrique Bacalov
I want him dead “Clayton” end title Nico Fidenco
Johnny Yuma Nora Orlandi/The wilder brothers
and so many others!

What, no love for Duck You Sucker. The score is as under-rated as the film. Sean Sean anyone?

  1. OUATITW Main Theme/ Jill’s Theme
  2. TGTBATU Main Theme and Ectasy of Gold
  3. Main theme from Big Gundown with vocals. I love to watch my wife’s eyes roll when I play it.
  4. Duck You Sucker Main Theme
  5. Grand Duel Theme

I pretty much like all the others you guys have mentioned as well.

my favourites soundtracks are :

1.The trio-Morricone (GBU)
2.Man with the harmonica-Morricone (OUATITW)
3.Il mercenario-Morricone (il mercenario)
4.death rides a horse-Morricone (da uomo a uomo)
5.L’arena-Morricone (Kill Bill/il mercenario)

of course there are much more ,but thats my favourite 5 :wink:

ENNIO MORRICONE is the best for me

  1. The Good The Bad & The Ugly
  2. Man With a Harmonica
  3. For a Few Dollars More
  4. As a Judgement + The First Tavern
  5. The Great Silence

where’s that from?

It is from the “Once upon a time in the West” OST.

sure it is

can’t think of a top 5 but i do have one fave.

Ecsatacy of the gold!

I love the “Death rides a horse” Theme.

  1. Fistful of Dynamite main theme
  2. The Trio (GBU)
  3. The Mercenary
  4. The Big Gundown (opening credit song)
  5. Mannaja (opening song)

Wouldn’t it be cool if we have a Voting here for the Soundtracks like the Voting for the 20 best Sapghettis ??