Young Guns Go West / L’ostaggio (Luigi Valanzano, 1975)'Ostaggio

I noticed this film can be seen on youtube:

I haven’t seen the film (yet), actually I don’t think I’ve even seen it been mentioned here before.
Anyway, the film looks like another “favorite” of mine Kid Terror of the West as all the actors seem to be children in this one too.

So shit like this resurfaces, yet we still cannot watch any version of Crisantemi per un branco di carogne…

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Apparently our friend Dino had a hand in making this film:

Well, I saw it yesterday and it’s not so bad for a kiddie flick I suppose. The plot basically constitutes a bunch of western cliches slapped together and then enacted by a bunch of kids in the stereotypically juvenile and family-friendly fashion. The movie doesn’t run for that long and most of it is fairly watchable if completely unremarkable and platitudinous. I have no idea how the opening scene relates to the rest of the story nor what the alternative title La farina del diavolo (Devil’s Flour) is supposed to mean. Nope, no one does coke, psychedelic cookies or anything nefarious to this effect and the title doesn’t make any goddamn sense at all. But overall, it isn’t so bad after all, I’ve seen much worse. It’s okay-ish I suppose, but some people are bound to find it very boring (provided that anybody actually wants to see this). 3/10

Looks better than bad kids of the west still not for me.