Yankee (Tinto Brass, 1966)

(ENNIOO) #61

Yes have the full Franco Cleef dvd r, not like avi’s then ?

(Silvanito) #62

Better to get the full DVD if you can

Avis or Divx or whatever are fine for downloading though

(Sanchez) #63

This one was awesome. I think the version I saw was sourced from the Koch Media release so the print was fantastic. Such a beautifully shot film, and the score by Nino Rossi is excellent, one of my new favorite SW scores. The editing was very cool and unique, especially for it’s time, and as such it never really feels like a Leone-clone, but more like a decidedly artsy action film. But still undoubtedly a Spaghetti Western. Probably in my top 20 now. 4 1/2 stars.

(Mickey13) #64

Just watched this one and I liked this very much. It is even better than expected, Brass indubitably executes this flick with stunning virtuosity. A lot of spaghetti westerns have problems with pacing and they lack some ingredients, but this one is very confident and endows its audience with a great piece of entertainment, without being excessively fast. Actually, it’s pretty slow for a spaghetti, but the stylization makes amends for this. The storytelling is genuinely impressive, colors are swelteringly red and garish, sun-bleached photography splendid and Nino Rosso’s soundtrack catchy. It’s just lovely. Possibly no classic, but I had a great time.

(JonathanCorbett) #65

August 1966: the original editing is revolutionized, the dialogues rewritten, the music changed; so Tinto Brass, who wants to remove his name from the credits, sues the Tigielle 33 Company and one of the producers ends up taking a trip to the emergency room.


(Bill san Antonio) #66

Brass really had some problems with the producers, same thing happened with Caligula later.

(Stanton) #67

That’s a real shame.
Yankee had some unusual and good stuff in it, but in the released film it’s only all part of a strange mixture of conventional and unconventional scenes.

(The Man With a Name) #68

I love this film. The Koch DVD is excellent.

(The Man With a Name) #69

That’s what I like about it, I think. It feels a lot different to most spaghettis and I tend to enjoy films that are “different.” I would like to watch the English dub though. Hopefully it won’t spoil the film for me.

(Nick) #70

I watched the film today, a little upset that there hasn’t been a new release for the soundtrack as it’s a really fun piece. However I found the 7" single on youtube, thought you wouldn’t mind giving it a listen.

(Nick) #71

Also FINALLY found the main theme, it was released on the Amazon digital music store on an excellent Nini Rosso EP. Crazy that it’s from the master tapes on not the LP!


I should watch this again. It surprised me at first viewing years ago that it was made in 1966 and not later.

(Nick) #73

I gotta admit that I love the heck out of this film. The heavy visuals in this film make it a joy to watch, and Philippe Leroy gives such us such a different type of hero with his sly smile and overly confident attitude. The thing is I watched this film in Italian with no subs, so I was completely lost except for a few phrases and words I managed to pick up, but even without them I was able to really enjoy the film. Personally I think that’s quite a testament to the watch ability of this film.

I wonder if the film would have benefited from Brass’ original vision? Maybe he had something just to unique for the time? Or maybe this was an emergency effort to salvage the film?


My Koch DVD just arrived today, if I get home from work early enough i’ll watch it tonight. Looks pretty good.

(scherpschutter) #75

I finally watched this Tinto Brass directed western

I had heard a few good things about it, but was still surprised to get a very entertaining spaghetti western

The story isn’t anything special, but Brass’ visual flair and frenzy editing keep thrings moving.


(Asa) #76

Terrific review as ever Scherp, though I’d be lying if I said this picture was a favourite of mine by any stretch.

(Nick) #77

It’s a favorite of mine, and I’ll be honest the whole reason I love it is the beautiful cinematography and color palette. Every frame is just oozing style and demands your attention. Sad though that the films plot is weak.

(scherpschutter) #78

It’s not a favorite, no Top 20 material, but it’s a lot better than I expected, knowing the director’s reputation. His early work (I saw one or two things, long ago) is not really my cup of tea, and his later work, well, the man knows how to film female buttocks, that’s for sure. These frenzy editing tricks that are quite irritating in his experimental movies, work quite well here.

(morgan) #79

I have a problem with a film where the hero cannot mount his horse without standing on something. Think Brass’ later films are more interesting.

(Nick) #80

The whole scene in the mine with Leroy moving the coin around and the camera zipping from eye to eye is fantastic. Really neat stuff!