Yankee Dudler / Verflucht dies Amerika (Volker Vogeler, 1973)


Anyone seen that one? Is it available anywhere? It has got a nice cast that’s for sure

Never heard of this one before.

Never heard of it

And I don’t know what a dudler is …

May turn out to be a good name if the film is a dud.

What is this film? I don’t know much about it. I found some information by googling and it seems the SW actors Eduardo Fajaro, Ángel Álvarez, Frank Braña, Tito Garcia and no one else than William Berger.


Here’s a little bit of talk about it:


And there is already another (very informative) forum’s topic for this film:


Maybe you can merge them.

Done. I only searched Jaider.

I got hold of a copy, but I haven’t watched it yet, partly because it’s in Spanish, a language I don’t know very well
With the help of a good synopsys, a headphone and some fantasy, I’ll probably understand more or less what’s going on. Could be it’s one of those semi-mystical 70s things, that are basically about nothing and have no specific meaning (but are supposed to be very deep!), so I might be heading for a rough ride.

It a sequel of the director’s Jaider, der einsame Jäger (Jaider the lone hunter)

But I haven’t got hold of a copy of that one
Would be a good excuse not to watch the sequel …


Jaider is set in Bavaria, but was made in a western style according to what I have read

Nothing wrong with westerns and Bavaria:

Now I’ve put two and two together; I already have this film in Spanish (under the name Banda de Jaider) somewhere in my archives never saw it, but saw what seems to be the sequel (have my doubts), also thanks to a Spanish or Argentinian VHS copy, called El valle de las viudas or now I know the German title Das Tal der tanzenden Witwen, I liked so much that I deleted the damn thing, what a piece of crap movie the main characther was called Scarlett O’Hara lol, was some kinfd of woman vs men batlle, but filmed without any visible objective than simple comedy at least that is what I remember a bad comedy.
Got to see this one hope it’s better having Berger as Doc Holliday it’s a start.

El valle de las viudas
Das Tal der tanzenden Witwen

Funny: In the Spanish title ‘tanzenden’ has dissappeared
Tanzen = (if I’m not mistaken) bailar (Italian: ballare), so the title should have been something like ‘El Valle de las Viudas bailando’, or in English: The Valley of the Dancing Widows. Sounds good. Dances with Widows (makes sense)

Well it makes sense there isn’t many dance as far I remember.
I must confess that I though the movie was a comedy, now it seems the all thing with a new wave German director got a artistic agenda, maybe it was the Spanish dub, but it does have Chris Huerta and SW of that period weren’t famous for being brilliant ones, so.

Couple of things spring to mind at first re this one. Not much music in the film at all, creates a very still atmosphere alot of the time. Second, you do not see people smile much in the film. Not a great deal happens until the end of the film. The gang of immigrants, especially with the their dress sense, look out of place at times. Maybe that is the purpose. Interesting gun in the film, which I sort of knew about from some poster art to the film. Why Geraldine Chapman went in this besides the cash, was on my mind a few times. Ending was interesting even though I knew it was coming. An odd curiosity type of film for the most part.

Ha, the Bavarians goes to America ;D
An Ok film with a few funny moments. It’s nor really Western like but entertaining.
6 / 10

Watched this one this morning and I actually enjoyed it. Not a comedy at all which was a relief although it has the odd humorous moment. As Ennioo says, very noticeably short on music and, as a result, comes across more akin to a 70s revisionist western than a Spaghetti although clearly European in every way. To sum it up I’d say it is as close to an art film as you are ever likely to get from a Eurowestern. I found it genuinely entertaining but it is definitely low on action and will not appeal to everyone’s taste.

I saw a Spanish language version of this a week ago. First time I’d seen it. Long on talk short on action. Some familiar faces here Luis Barboo, Tito Garcia, Angel Alvarez, Eduardo Fajardo, Frank Brana, Dan van Husen, Fernando Bilbao, Fernando Sanchez Polack, William Berger and Geraldine Chaplin. I’d like to see it again in English or with subtitles to figure out more of what is going on. As others have said looks more like an Eastern European Art Film. 4 out of 10.

A bunch of Bavarian lowlifes dick around in the wild west.

Weird film, clearly an anti western that plays with the cliches of the genre.

The film has virtually no action, but there’s a lot of dry humour (which, most of the time, isn’t funny).

It’s not awful, but it’s not good either.

Most of the spaghetti western actors are wasted, especially Frank Brana who shows up very late.

The finale is a bank robbery, one of the most statically filmed I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen b westerns from the thirties doing that more exciting.