X Rated re-release wave

Looks like “VZ Handelsgesellschaft” is re-releasing all of XRated’s DVDs in a low-cost manner. ususally a different title, and just an amaray though

They’ve been doing that for a long time. Usually the extras and any language tracks besides German are missing. And often they are cut FSK-16 versions. But some of them are basically the same as the X-Rated.

Not much use to the average non german speaking fan then…

The amaray-edition I’ve got of Es geht um deinen Kopf, amigo has all the language tracks and all the extras and is as far as I know just as uncut as the hartbox-release.

yeah that one has been around forever and is really not different from the hardbox aside from the fact that it’s in an amaray. i am assuming many of the others will be like that, as most of these movies are not really FSK18 material but XRated just doesn’t bother submitting them for re-rating

Like I said some are the same. The Sartana disc (still FSK-18) is also the same. The Halleluja Django dvd even has English when the original X-Rated disc doesn’t.

I had a list of the early VZ-Handel releases with the differences but I seem to have lost it. I stopped looking at them after I started going to film fairs in Germany since the price difference with the X-Rated boxes became negligable.

You can check their site http://www.vzhandel.de , if in the comments it doesn’t actually say ungekurzte fassung, I wouldn’t risk it.

Also MIG has released X-Rated titles in amaray, for example Die Nonne von Monza

they have a website? :wink:

well all this info should of course find its way into the database. my first an only dvd is the “es geht um deinen kopf amigo” DVD (the regular, not the limited hardbox), so i’m fairly new to the world of XRated