World Cup 2010

I thought it was a good idea to give the tournament its own thread.
With a lot of Brits, Germans, Dutchmen, two Portuguese, at least one Serb, a Dane, a Spaniard, a Greek, an Australian - and even a few Americans (do those suckers play soccer?) - it should be very lively here

We have an Argentine visiting us every now and then, so maybe he’ll show up if Maradona and his men kick some ass over there. As far as I know we have no (regular) French, Swiss, Japanese or Korean visitors, nor anybody from the African nations (or do we?). A pity Austria, Poland and Sweden didn’t qualify

This is how Ladbrokes thinks about the chances of the 32 participating teams :

Spain 7:2 (3,5:1)
Brazil 9:2 (4,5:1)
Argentina 6/1
England 7:1
Holland 10:1
Germany 14:1
Italy 16/1
France 20/1
Portugal 22/1
Ivory Coast 50/1

Italy 16/1 France 20/1 Portugal 22/1 Ivory Coast 50/1 Serbia 50/1 Chile 50/1 USA 66/1 Uruguay 66/1 Paraguay 66/1 Cameroon 80/1 Ghana 80/1 South Africa 80/1 Mexico 80/1 Nigeria 100/1 Denmark 100/1 Korea Republic 125/1 Australia 150/1 Greece 200/1 Switzerland 200/1 Japan 250/1 Slovakia 250/1 Slovenia 250/1 Honduras 500/1 Algeria 500/1 Korea DPR 1000/1 New Zealand 2000/1

A bit surprising maybe that Argentina is rated so high. After all, their performance in the qualifications was almost laughable. On the other hand: it has happened in the past that teams who didn’t do well in the qualifications, eventually became world champion (Brazil ’02, Germany ’90). They do have the players, those Argentines, but do they have the coach?

The low marks for Italy are remarkable. They didn’t do well lately, and I think people are also influenced by the knowledge that defending champions usually aren’t successful. The low marks for Slovakia are remarkable too. They eliminated the Czech Republic, so they must have at least a decent team. I’m sure the Czechs would have had a higher rating if they had qualified.

My expectations

For the rest I can live with these ratings. Spain and Brazil are clear favorites, Argentina a bit of a dark horse, I don’t now what to think of them. England, Holland and Germany are outsiders for the title. I expect the winner to be among these six teams. France? Portugal? The Portuguese were some kind of dark horse for me too, they have such good players and (so I’ve heard) a coach with brains (they’re still looking for Diego’s brain in Argentina), but according to the Portuguese on the forum, the team doesn’t really work. We’ll probably have to wait for Mourinho to lead the country to a title. Any of the African teams? Ivory Coast or Cameroon sure have some talent, but I don’t think they’re disciplined enough to reach the end stages. They will, once again, drown somewhere in glorious fashion. But okay, who will be the next world champion? Spain has the best players as well as the best team, but they’re under enormous pressure to do what Spain has never done before. I tip England. They have the players, they have the coach, and I think they have the guts.

I’m looking forward to newcomers (or relative newcomers) like Slovakia, Slovania and North Korea. As surprise teams I tip team USA and Uruguay. Paraguay is said to have a good team, but their recent results weren’t impressive. I’d put my money rather on Uruguay. With Forlan and Ajax ace Suarez they have a hellova striking force. And the USA have a physically strong team, which is also a good mix of experience and youth. Yanks, go for it!

I expect a quarter final place tops for Holland. As usual right before a tournament the press and the media suggest we almost won it already. Stores are flooding with orange freebees etc.

There is a lot of talk about ‘the big four’ as Sneijder, Van Persie, Robben and Van der Vaart are dubbed. With these four in the team we’re bound to be world champions is what’s being said all around. Nonsense of course as three of those players are at best at one and the same position. Our defense is pretty weak, with some mediocre to slightly above average defenders. Goalkeeper is average at best.

I’d bet in Spain. :wink:

Here’s something that may be of interest, it’s insignificant but makes you wonder.

When you get the list of world cup teams written in English, i.e. England, France, Spain, Brazil, Italy, Cameroon etc

How come it doesn’t say Holland for Netherlands and Ivory Coast for Cote d’Ivore but says it how it would be in the own countries dialect.

Also of note is that both teams are in Orange!

Do you not find this strange?

It´s Netherlands, and not Holland.

Holland is merely a part of The Netherlands. Most Dutch people live outside Holland, but they don´t really count hehe.

I wrote Holland cause I´m lazy.

I use the term Holland most of the time when writing in English, when writing in Dutch, I always use Nederland

The problem, for me, is that in English (like in German and French) the plural form is used : The Netherlands. It’s correct, the name of the country has been derived from the historic name Republiek der Zeven Verenigde Nederlanden (Republic of the Seven United Netherlands), but somehow I don’t like it, it doesn’t sound good.

Holland is, like BL has said, only a part of the Netherlands: there are two provinces, called Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland, together they could be called Holland (and sometimes are, by people living in other parts of the country). In cities like Breda or Groningen, both situated outside Holland, you might hear: Ach, die verrekte Hollanders weer, those damn Hollanders again. It’s usually heard when large groups of people from Holland are (once again) making an awful lot of noise. They are very noisy, those Hollanders

The same problem exists in Flanders (Vlaanderen), the Dutch speaking part of Belgium. There are two provinces called Flanders, West-Flanders and East-Flanders, but they’re only a part of the country, or better: the Dutch speaking part of Belgium also called Flanders (to make it more complicated).

But, as said, I have no problem with the name Holland
When Dutch supporters want to support ‘Oranje’, they sing:

Hup Holland hup (Go Holland go)
It’s not easy to sing Hup Nederland hup. It doesn’t hup.

Oh, by the way: orange is not our national colour, our national colours are red, white and blue. Orange is the colour of the royal Family.

i have two nagging feelings about this world cup. 1. Argentina will win the World Cup, they have the strongest selection of forwards, all of whom are dangerous. 2. i hope i’m wrong but i don’t think England will do well, mind you if they don’t qualify from or even win their group, they should be shot or not bother to come home.i also feel that Rooney will be wound up and get himself sent off, in the knock out stages. please for god’s sake please don’t let us go out on penalties again!!! >:(

I think Spain is a hot candidate for the title. When Robben stays fit Holland ( :wink: ) might be quite strong as well.

There is a german phycicist who mathematically proved that Germany will become thw world champion - so I believe him…

I would like to see a Final England - Germany ;D or England - Brazil. My World Cup Favourite is ENGLAND 8)

This sound is fucking unbearable. Switched it off right away. It’ll be a nice and silent world cup in my living room.

Thank god I’m not in the stadium… horrible.

Some pretty bad football in the first match, that got no winner, neither did it deserve one. Sometimes it reminded me of a pinball machine. I expected a little more from Mexico. Sound off was nice, this way I could listen to the best commentator around: Me.

As so often a tie in the opening match.
Football simply needs more goals to make the games more exciting, which also would help that mostly the better team wins. They really should make the goals bigger.

That Giovanni dos Santos guy is Mexican!!! always though he was from Brasil.
Anyway, I think Spain got th strongest team of the tournament, and are favourites to me, two good palyers for any position. The problem is that for this short tournaments physical fitness it’s important, and sometimes teams with more average players, but with less games on thier legs can make an edge.
Portugal only stands a chance if they beat Brasil on the first place race of their group, cause second will play against first of Spain’s group, and in that case, (and if Spain be first on their group as I expected), they will face Brasil, this even before the quarter-finals.
On the other hand England got some luck on their draw, only facing brasil or Portugal ;D in the semis.

I guess I will be sick with so much football in this fase some fantastic games Honduras vs South Korea or something of the kind. Oh well There’s always tennis at Wimbleton to watch.

Dissapointing first day of the tournament, but that was to be expected
This is a balanced group, the teams are afraid to loose
I know we had a lot of goals in the opening match four years ago (I think it was 4-2 or 5-2), but that was a different situation, Germany cannot speculate on a draw in a homegame against Costa Rica.

Looking forward to tomorrow night, UK-US, The Revolutionary War pt 2 (the Sequel)

My only hope for the group phase is that Germany and England win their groups, so that they don’t meet in the next round (how’s this one called in English? Eight final ?) and could only meet again in the final.

I think Spain will make it, but I hope for the 2 above.

Don’t believe that Morricone (or any other Composer) will ever use those Vuvzela’s as background voice. I even prefer the Keoma Crying over this.

After two weak games tomorrow will be a more interesting match - day: Argentina vs. Nigeria and England vs. USA. :slight_smile: Let’s see of “The Hand of God” is a successful coach too :smiley:

Yep a Final England - Germany would be great!

Achtelfinale: Round of Sixteen (or The last Sixteen) :wink:

[quote=“Stanton, post:16, topic:2390”]My only hope for the group phase is that Germany and England win their groups, so that they don’t meet in the next round (how’s this one called in English? Eight final ?) and could only meet again in the final.

I think Spain will make it, but I hope for the 2 above.[/quote]

I think it’s simply called second round
In Dutch we have the term ‘Achtste finales’, in German (if I’m not mistaken) Achtelfinale, but I don’t think there’s a similar term in English. Native Brits & Americans (native of not): help us out!

You’re right about this England/Germany thing. It’s essential for them to avoid each other in the second round. One of the reasons I do not think Spain will make it in the end, is their extremely difficult way to the final: in the second round they could meet Brazil (!) - and if not, it’s Portugal - in the quarter final it’s probably Holland or Italy. If England and Germany avoid each other, their possible opponents look a lot easier.

If Argentina plays the World Cup like the qualification, than England and Germany should indeed both reach the half final.