Wood-butted six-shooters

We see ‘em almost every day. The gunslingers’ delights. The masterpieces of craftsmanship.

The wood-butted six-shooters.

Each gunslinger has his favourite one, some of the occur in almost every Spagh, some are used more seldom.

I know, there’s already a thread on shooting irons, but this poll deals with the usual suspect of wood-butted six-shooters.

So, what’s your favourite one?

I like the peacemaker. Perticularly the elongated barrel.

I do notice one six shooter in spaghettis that I don’t think existed in real life. That is the gun Manuel (Robert Hossein)uses in CWC. It appears in many more.

Stubby’s gun if Four of the Apocalypse.

Blade’s sometimes gun in Mannaja.

The special gun in Carambola.

This gun’s bullet ejector tip is closed as opposed to open. It is smaller than the normal gun and is double action. Often used in fast action closeups do to the probability that actor’s couldn’t fan their gun fast enough so they used this prop. Anyobdoy know what this gun is? Anybody know what I’m talkin’ about?

Have to have a look at this special one I suppose…

I’ll find a pic.

Good idea korano!

The gun used by Manuel in CWC, Stubby at the end of FotA & Blade in Mannaja is a black Colt Army Peacemaker.

My vote goes to the Colt Model US Army Peacemaker

dorky side of me always wanted to get a replica

[quote=“Ming, post:6, topic:1577”]The gun used by Manuel in CWC, Stubby at the end of FotA & Blade in Mannaja is a black Colt Army Peacemaker.[/quote]I think that is what it is supposed to look like but the build is different.

Yes, sometimes there are a couple of strange versions in use :wink:

I voted for Smith & Wesson No. 3 “Schofield Model”

This must be the gun Korano is talking about:

Added a little red ring around the special opener that this gun has.