Winnetou movies - spaghetti westerns or not?

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I think that’s an interesting question, cast your votes :slight_smile:

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Well, I think it is also part of the discussion in the topic about the winnetou films. I would not consider them spaghettis. Reasons: No italian influence(producers director, only actors sometimes, but the prominent ones are american or of other european non-italian origin), clear bad vs good sceme; less violence; big focus on indians and their culture.
They are eurowesterns, and they are nice; but not as revolutionary as the spaghettis were in terms of style, plots, characters and violence.

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Even though i haven’t see any i would say no.

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some of the karl may films do have substantial italian production influence but most of them were shot in the former yugoslavia and on german soundstages.
they are great films though, grew up with them.


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For me, spaghetti is a genre - its about the film’s style and character rather than where it came from. So no, would not consider these spaghetti as they are just typical early westerns with no spaghetti style