Will there ever be a spaghetti with borat?

will there ever be a spaghetti with borat? ???

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Ha Ha :smiley:

i want to see his film, it’s supposed to offend everyone!

i think he’s a lot funnier than Ali G

borat is extreem funny!
I used to watch it a few ears ago when it was still a part of the ali-g show.
I deffeniatly want to see the movie, but I think watching it in the cinema doesnt make it any funier. since borat is a real tv carecter. but borat is hilarious! also cool that the goverment of Kazakhstan is now trying to improve their countries image because of borat!! hahaha

the old appesoto´s of borat in england are also extreem funny. you can download the old ali-g´s but I dont know were anymore.

In the newspaper today it said that people had changed the details of Kazhanistan (however you spell it) on the wikipedia website and made it look official that he was their president! :wink:

Now in my eyes that is proper funny!


check this out loads of ali g and borat movies !


“throw the jews down the well” hahaha

htey interviewed some Kazakhstanian (?) people to ask what they think of borat! they answered “we are verx friendly people, but he shouls make jokes about Kazakhstan. He should killed!” :o

great! :smiley:

you can download quite a few clips at www.youtube.com
i saw a funny one where he went to a safari hunting park and had the idea of having a Jew hunt safari! :smiley:

i forgot, here is a link to it :wink:

do you know the appesota(usa) that borat is applaying for a role as an acter, he´s performing a part from the movie “the jew killer” :smiley:

there was an interview in a dutch late-show with borat, he was showing pictures of a naked boy whole held borat in his arms, that is my son he does teletubbies in Kazakhstan but he doesnt like the naked parts :smiley:

also again he named movies were he played in: help there´s a jew in my house, help there´s a jew in my house 2, dirty jew, dont trust a jew :smiley: hahaha

thank god he is a jew him self!

you can go to this site and see the interview


go to monday 16 -10

just watched it, i was fucking cracking up

i liked the bit where he said they put the rapist in the big brother house and 6 women got pregnant! :smiley:


or in the beginning when he is shitting in the boot! hilarious!!! :smiley:

or when he says my wife died… high five!! :smiley:

I also love the jew jokes!!! luckely my fathers mother was jewes! :wink:

Borat is definately Sascha Baron Cohen’s best character, much better than Ali G or the faggot that goes around the fashion shows. :slight_smile:

bruno the fashion journalist from austria!!!

he´s also great! he makes very sharp remarks or questions.

but borat is absolute the best!!! I wonder how arabic people experience borat? do they also find him funny?

i doubt it, one muslim remark and it would be kicking off all over the place

That would be awesome “Very nice how much?”

wholy smackeroni! this is absolutely one of the most funniest critical borat clips that I have seen so far!!! man this is funny! luckely it fits on this forum because borat is wearing a cowboy had!!!

you have to check this out!! great song!! great audiance!!! :smiley:


Would you really want to see 400 pound naked guys in gunfights? And what happens when they hit the ground? That’s a fruit salad I don’t want to see.