Wild West Story (Börje Nyberg, 1964)

(magnus) #1


Swedish Wild West spectacle in typical slapstick/amateurtheatre spirit. Revolverkid Andersson leave town Small Land Hills (this is filmed in swedish county Småland=Small Land, you allready see the level of the humour…) in the west, moving back to Sweden and runs a circus. But when there´s trouble for his old friend Old Joe he sends back his son Lucky Andersson who´s riding a donkey and is a member of Save the Shot Feared Children, but of course he´s a real sharpshoter when needed. Old Joe who owns all the land in the area, have problems with the bandit Gonzalez and his band who are trying to get hold of the ownership certificate to the land and also some indians who forgot where they dug down battle ax, so they are harmless until they found the right spot so they can dig it up again. Lucky is immediately appointed scheriff by the crooked judge who is in league with Gonzalez, who by the way on his own account is “the Fastest gun in the west”. Then appears a party with dancing ladies and a troubadour, the bandits all fall head over heels in love and goes and pick flowers. So it continues with stupidity and nonsense until the predictable ending with a huge brawl. Just as in I Död Mans Spår Swedish and English is mixed throughout and Carl Gustaf Lindstedt (one of Swedens leading comedian in those days) has the main part. Very silly film…