Hello Firends!!

Do u we know if THE DIRTY OUTLAWS by Wild East is cut or uncut?


So is it safe to assume you’re wondering if every Wild East release is cut or uncut? :wink:


most of the information you’re looking for can be found on Sundances site…

… and hopefully on ours as well, sooner or later :slight_smile:

btw Sundances is not an authority on cut vs uncut, you should check sources like ANICA or something for the original film length etc and find out about the the length of the version shown in the movie theaters back then etc… sundances can’t do more than do an internet search and compare dvds…

not to mention that between cut and uncut lies the gray area of differen versions in different countries, premiere cuts, extended dvd versions, non-authorized versions, etc…

Very true. Spaghetti Westerns in particular seem to have routinely been edited, even if only very slightly for different countries leading to small sections of missing dialogue like in Wild East’s “Grand Duel”.

It is generally a cause for debate in all Euro-cult cinema, particularly when it comes to releasing the films to DVD. Sometimes the longest possible cut of a film is actually not authentic, when scenes are combined from different edits that were never meant to have all been put together.

To that you have the whole issue of films like “Django Kill” with their mysterious alleged extended cuts that no-one has ever managed to track down, but that a few people insist did exist.

Are all the wild east DVDs code free?

I believe they are, but if you dont have a multi-region dvd player then I pity you :slight_smile:

Poor me…