Wild East Productions

every now and then u will see listings for “new” items, but I wonder how anyone can sell a disc as old as this one as “new”, without manually re-enclosing it in a new plastic wrap :slight_smile:

I agree but Ally and Eric were still selling it “new” on their site the day they shut down business - at a discounted price. I think that is what Amazon was doing as well. They had some unsold copies so they made it an “Amazon’s Choice” item and lowered the price, hoping to get rid of their few remaining copies. :laughing:

’The Tramplers’ and a few other less popular WildEast titles were selling very cheaply on ebay, not so long ago … it was going for as little as £1.00 … the price I paid for a brand new copy of "It Can Be Done … Amigo!"
These were being auctioned by a UK dealer, who had lots of W.E titles, the more desirable ones going for less than their original asking price.

Wow so little love for Tramplers

Yes, I bought a few from that guy. Including It Can be Done Amigo. I got decent prices but nothing quite as good as a pound!

So I did some research this afternoon to see what’s still available

this is a Facebook post and my findings are in the comments. will now also transfer that to Twitter

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Pistoleros is not available on Blu-ray as far as I know Sebastian?

my bad, mixed it up with Bandidos

Stanton, I cite my sources regarding “My Name Is Nobody” (1974) in my posts regarding this film. Also, El Davido, is the “Sonora” you mention the 1968 Mexican western starring Chuck Connors and Jack Elam?

I don’t mean to jump in, but I think the Sonora @ElDavido was referring to was indeed from 1968 and did star Jack Elam but it is a Spanish/Italian production starring George Martin and Gilbert Roland as well. Also known as Sartana Does Not Forgive, it was directed by Alfonso Balcazar. If I am wrong, I am sure he will correct me and I apologize for sticking my nose in.

If this film is indeed directed by Alfredo Balcazar, then it is the one of which I am thinking. Thank you for your always-wonderful input, LankyGringo–I’ve read a number of your other posts–but I still believe that this is a Mexican production. I’ll research this question, though, and get back to you folks about it.

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