Wild East DVDs (OOP) for Sale or Wanted

(Richard--W) #1

I would like to correspond with someone who owns out-of-print WILD EAST dvds.
Just the three or four out-of-print ones.

Please PM me.


(sartana1968) #2

[quote=“Richard–W, post:1, topic:2759”]I would like to correspond with someone who owns out-of-print WILD EAST dvds.
Just the three or four out-of-print ones.

Please PM me.

ebay it’s the only way to find the rare ones of wild east

(Richard--W) #3

Sure, but I still want to correspond with someone who owns the out-of-print DVDs.


(autephex) #4

The Dirty Outlaws - WE014
Gentleman Killer - WE015
Fort Yuma Gold - WE019

These three are now all sold.

All discs/cases in like new condition and watched only once. All three are listed pretty highly priced on ebay/amazon. I’m just selling these because I need the cash, so I’ll consider serious offers but otherwise, these will go up on ebay soon.

I may have more discs including some non-WE stuff to sell, depending on how finances are for the next month

(Jonny Powers) #5

What do you think would be a fair price for Fort Yuma?

(autephex) #6

I’ve sold 4 OOP Wild East discs so far, all for $40 shipped (to US), which is a good amount lower than most of the WE dvds listed online but seems to be average for what they actually sell for.

I would do a bit lower for forum mates here, but like I posted above, just selling them because I’m really needing the money, so gotta do going prices on them.

I will fairly likely have some more Wild East and other discs for sell soon

(Jonny Powers) #7

Well, that’s actually pretty reasonable. I can’t buy any right away, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I can. Be looking out for 'em on Ebay as well!

(Yodlaf Peterson) #8

I’m after Eugenie De Sade if anyone has one they don’t mind parting with.


How much does Eugenie De Sade go for these days then ?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #10

Dunno, I missed out on one on eBay not so long ago for about £6. It’s shit compared to the Blue-Underground one, I just want it for the whole set.

(Jonny Powers) #11

Oh, another quick question, how much would shipping be?

(autephex) #12

Shipping is included in the price

(autephex) #13

Oh, should have mentioned price includes shipping for US addresses. International shipping will add another $5 to price

(Jonny Powers) #14

Gotcha. Saw I think it was you who put it up on Ebay? Either way, best of luck to you! I’ll be looking for some of your other movies. What else were you planning on selling?

(autephex) #15

I did list it on ebay and it is now sold. (went for $49.99 if anyone’s interested in keeping up on prices)

I’m not sure yet what else I am going to sell… generally wait till closer to the end of the month when I need money for house payment :smiley:

Probably will not be selling any more Wild East discs as they are all still available via Amazon. Have several Koch discs and some other German releases which I may sell next

(Jonny Powers) #16

Ah, pity. Meant to pick up the Pistoleros disc, but the listing ended, no buyers, before I got home. The Dirty Outlaws is still up, but I dunno if I can spare the money for it.

(autephex) #17

I may actually have another copy of Pistoleros for sale, still sealed :wink:

If the listing you were watching ended with no sellers though, it will probably be relisted soon

(Jonny Powers) #18

Great, on both counts!

(Bad Lieutenant) #19

Prefer swapping as these go for prices I’m not willing to pay.

WE 001 A Fistful of Trailers
WE 003 Boot Hill
WE 005 Between God, the Devil and a Winchester / Johnny Yuma
WE 008 The Man from Nowhere
WE 009 Kill and Pray
WE 011 Ben and Charlie
WE 013 If You Meet Sartana Pray For Your Death
WE 014 The Dirty Outlaws
WE 015 Gentleman Killer
WE 016 Taste of Killing
WE 017 Matalo
WE 018 A Reason To Live A Reason to Die
WE 019 Fort Yuma Gold
WE 030 A Long Ride From Hell

Have these for trade:

(Bad Lieutenant) #20

Boot Hill found!

Anybody interested in a trade, send me a pm.