Why spaghetti western music is so cool

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An article…


With such a stupid title, I’m reluctant to open this - How cool, or uncool is that ? :weary:

(Asa) #3

Nice piece. Nothing we didn’t already know regarding what the music cues under discussion meant or what they were aiming for of course but plenty of insight - I thought anyway, as a non-musician - as to how those aims and meanings might be achieved within this chord or that. I found that interesting.

I’d love to be able to pick up a guitar and just start playing the theme to TG,tB&tU. Supercool. Is it too late to learn to play an instrument? I’ve given great thought lately to buying a bass guitar and having a bit of a noodle with it, just for my own enjoyment, but I’m concerned it might look a tiny bit “mid-life crisis”. I mean I’ve no plans to grow a pony tail or start wearing linen suit jackets with the sleeves rolled up to my elbows or dating girls half my age or saying “yah” instead of “yeah” like Cliff f#cking Richard or anything. I would just very occasionally like to plug my bass in, put my mirror lens aviators and cowboy hat on, and pretend to be Lemmy in front of a full length mirror while nobody is watching. Is that so wrong, I ask ye??


Not one mention of Alessandro Alessandroni? Ookay then.

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No mention of anybody outside of Morricone. Alessandroni and Lacerenza were essentially the lifeblood of many of his scores, and so many other artists helped shape the genre as well. It’s a shame that Morricone so often get’s the limelight.


I thought it was very informative, it used one Morricone tune as an example but went into why it worked so well, the communication aspect of the composing. The shift between minor and major, and how it implies the contrast between evil and good, and ugly, all great information.


No not too late. Instead of a bass, get a “bass six” or baritone guitar and don’t forget the whammy bar.

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Or get both! I got a Squier bass VI last year, and had a Jazzmaster copy, a steel-string acoustic, and a Spanish classical. Now I just need a trumpet player, eight hands, and the ability to whistle.