Who Killed Johnny R.? / Wer kennt Jonny R.? / La balada de Johnny Ringo (José Luis Madrid, 1966)

No thread for this rare Eurowestern so far, so here we go

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The German version I saw once made a heavily cut impression.

Forgettable film.

This version looked at least uncut.

Not exactly memorable, no.

I checked it at OFDB. Whilst the film’s runtime is 92 min, all German versions on VHS, DVD and TV are only 71 min long. Makes 74 min unPaled and about 18 min missing.

Like I mentioned in another thread the way Barker drags out not being Johnny Ringo really pads the film out to much. The older guy who pretends to be Johnny Ringo is much more interesting.

Slightly off topic another early euro one I viewed the other night you may want to check out via CG is Cavalry Charge:


Typical cowboys and indians lark, but I liked it for what it is and I know you do not mind alot of these earlier euro ones Scherpschutter.

Barker has not much to do (other than drag out that he’s not Johnny) in this movie, and that’s the problem, I guess.

I’ll get that other one, there’s also one with Robert Woods that was loaded up recently.
But you’re right, I’m a bit into those early ones these days.

The version I saw runs 1h26m.

There are two songs, one sung by Wolter ins Spanish (don’t think he really did the job), one by Marianne Koch in German, plus a dance hall act by a group of dancers. Maybe these scenes were cut from the German version?

I saw this few days ago and that’s what I wrote earlier in another thread:

-Spanish/German co-production which is more like american b-western than gritty spaghetti. People who are trying to kill our hero are just shot in their hands as in Lucky Luke comics. That was annoying since there were many characters who deserves a bullet in their head. There’s some stupidity in the script too because everybody are talking about famous Johnny Ringo in the film but his girlfriend is the only one who can recognise her.

Film has it’s moments though. The scene in the theater where innocent man is framed for Johnny Ringo is well built.


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