Who is your favorite town drunk/town grandpa?

Town drunks and town grandpas bring some comedic relief and help our heroes. So the question is, which of them are your favorites?

I’ll name a few

  • Blind Bill from Day of Anger
  • Piripero from Fistful of Dollars (He’s the undertaker, but I still count him as a town grandpa)
  • The Prophet from For a Few Dollars More
  • Jaguar from Tequila
  • George from Keoma (Poor guy deserved better, but putting him on this list feels weird as he’s a serious character instead of a comedic one)
  • The town grandpas in two of the Sartana films are nice. I don’t remember their names, unfortunately :sweat_smile: I think one of them was in I am Sartana, Your Angel of Death and the other was in Light the Fuse… Sartana Is Coming
  • Matt from Ringo and His Golden Pistol

Roberto Camardiel as ‘Double Whisky’ in ‘Arizona Colt’ … always pissed, King of the Sw drunks



Whiskey (Roberto Camardiel) from Arizona Colt is my favorite drunk. :smiley:

Jeff Corbett (George Hilton) from Massacre Time.

Two of the best drunks in SW. :metal:


Forgot about George … he was also a phenomenal pisshead in, The Greatest Robbery in the West / La più grande rapina del West



Double Whiskey is funny, I like him. I remember reading the Arizona Colt threads here on the forum and many found Double Whiskey annoying :sob:

I completely forgot him :scream_cat: It’s good you brought him up, he’s a great character

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Plus I am pretty sure who is Stanton’s favorite drunk. He is not on the list yet but I am sure you will figure it out yourself. :smiley:

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Already mentioned but ‘Massacre Time’ ticks both boxes: Jeffrey Corbett for the drunkard, and the jack of all trades (blacksmith, undertaker, saloon piano player etc) Chinese man for the grandpa.



I will give you a hint in a form of a riddle. :joy:

The drunk is the most notorious “Gay killer” in SW. Maybe the only one.

Ok, there is also “The Mercenary”. Hey that is also Stanton’s favorite movie. Just a coincidence or does he really hate gays so much? :smiley:

Maybe I’m a bit slow, but I hadn’t noticed any overtly ‘Gay Killers’ … there are a few who are a bit camp or effeminate, ‘Bill San Antonio’ perhaps, or the baddies in ‘El Puro’ ?

English language is sometimes quite ambiguous. :joy: I did not mean that the drunk is gay but that he kills gays.

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Ambiguous or not, I’m even more confused!


Hope this will explain it. :smile:

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Don’t think EP killed them for their homosexual lifestyle … ! But, he certainly was the town drunk ok.


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Matt from Johnny Oro (which youve mentioned)
Old guy from Taste of Killin’ (1966)
Old guy from Coffin for the sherrif (1965)

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My favourite drunk has to be Michele Cimarosa who plays the Mexican drunk prisoner in the jail in "They call me Trinity ".

He’s brilliant because he is an accidental drunk.

At first he is a reluctant drunk because booze is used on him as an anaesthetic while in jail.

As the film progresses he gradually turns into the town’s full time willing alcoholic drunkard, encouraged and enabled by Trinity and Bambino so they can enjoy peace and quiet in the jail as the town jailer and sheriff.


Good choice! Love him too

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This guy from Vengeance Is Mine is good.

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