Who is this actress?

I would like to know who the actress who played the woman (corpse) that appears at the beginning of “A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof” is. If anyone knows, please let me know.
I think it’s Magda Konopka who appears in the play, but I’m not sure.

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This is Maria Gustafsson, who was a presenter on Spanish TV in the 1970s and did some small roles in film and TV.

She was on Facebook a few years ago, and had asked if anyone knew about this film with Giuliano Gemma, which she had never seen and didn’t know if it had actually been completed or released … She is also credited with an appearance in ‘Cemetery Without Crosses’, as a saloon girl, but I’ve never been able to identify her in any scenes … it’s possible she ended up on the cutting room floor.


Dear aldo.
Thank you for your reply.
Thank you very much.

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