Who has attended a rodeo?

After watching “Junior Bonner” today, I got to wondering if any of our forumites had ever been to a rodeo. You guys have a “football/soccer” topic that I know nothing about(I only know American football), so just curious about worldwide rodeo attendance. I’m pretty sure that Chris Casey and Jack Burns have been to/participated in rodeos, and Canada has some great rodeos so those boys up north have probably had the chance. I know the Aussies rodeo too. I’ve been going to rodeos since I was a baby; they’re pretty plentiful in the panhandle of Texas where I’m from. I’ve even rode in a couple(barebacks, no bulls) back when I was young and dumb. Anyway, are there rodeos where you’re at? Have you ever had a chance to see one? Would you even give a rip about going to a rodeo?

Yep, lots of small town rodeos where I come from, and some larger ones near the bigger centres. I never rode myself but they’re fun to watch.

Yep, in Calgary.

You guessed right, amigo!
I have been to more rodeos than I can count…and I have ridden in a few, too (no bulls here, either, by the way!).
They have some pretty good ones in this part of Arizona; but, they don’t seem to happen with the frequency that they did in Oklahoma.
I used to go to the Annual Ben Johnson Rodeo in Pawhuska, Oklahoma every year…brother, that was a good time! It was like a Cowboy Carnival!

Good times.

Yeah, Col., I guess the Stampede may be the biggest rodeo there is attendance-wise. That or Cheyenne Frontier Days. I always try to make it to the annual Ft. Worth Stock Show; quite the good time.

Chris, is Pawhuska in eastern OK? Is that anywhere near Tahlequah?

Yessir! Pawhuska (Ben Johnson’s hometown) is in Northeastern Oklahoma.
Not real close to Tahlequah…which is a bit further South and East. Pawhuska is much closer to Ponca City, Pawnee, and Bartlesville. Pawhuska is a bit North and West of Tulsa.

I’ve got some relatives up in Tulsa. You’re from the good part of Oklahoma! - My son played football @Southwestern Oklahoma State(Weatherford) last fall and his team played Northeastern State @ Tahlequah. I thought it was a nice town and a pretty campus. Good area…

I’m basically from Stillwater (home of Oklahoma State University) which is pretty much considered the same area as Pawhuska and Tulsa. I grew up in a small town called Ripley which is just outside of Stillwater about 20 miles. I actually liked that part of the State and never had any intentions of moving anywhere else on a permanent basis; but, the humidity seemed to be getting worse there every year and it started playing havoc with my asthma. That is why I opted to move out here to Tombstone territory in Arizona. I use zero inhalers, now, and my asthma pretty much doesn’t exist, anymore!

I noticed you said you are from Amarillo. I used to work for the Hastings Entertainment Corp.–and, as I am sure you know, their head office is there.

I used to attend a Film Festival in Sonora, California and they had a professional rodeo on Staruday night. They would have celebrity team roping and I was able to see the great Ben Johnson participate a few times. Rodeo’s are always a lot of fun and one of the last links to the Old West.