Who dubbed Klaus Kinski?

Are some of his spaghetti-westerns his actual voice? The worst dub would be A Bullet for the General. Completely off for those of us who knows Kinski-cinema. The Great Silence was better, and Leones FAFDM.

Does anyone know the deal with Kinskis dubs?

also dub voice of Klaus Kinski has in ‘and god said to cain’

Voice dubbing is a real ‘bur under my saddle’. There are Internet sites for Italian, German, Spanish and French voice dubbers but NOTHING for English (British or American) voice dubbers. There is sometimes information below the actors credits on the IMDb and there are sites for English dubbers for cartoons and particular series like Star Trek etc. but no formal sites that give us any information on who did the voice for the European actors whose films were shown in the U.K. and U.S. with English dubbing. There is also a problem with European films having multiple voice actors dubbing an actors voice. I know in Germany, Klaus may have several voices, one for the film release and others for video and DVD releases if these were de-dubbed. Spanish has Catalan and typical Spanish voices. I’ve heard different English voices for the same actor in diferent releases. Remember also there were several English dubbing studios in Rome during the 60s and 70s and another in New York City. Depending on where the film was dubbed the actor may have a different American actor dubbing him so his voice changes from film to film. Garko’s English voice is different in almost everyone of his westerns. Gemma’s is another voice that also changes. Good luck!

I could be wrong, but I think Kinski generally did his own English voice in many films… However, I can’t recall his SW roles well enough to know if he did those himself or not.

Cannot recall a western with Kinski in where his own english voice was used. The only one I was not sure about was Return of Shanghai Joe.

It seems like his voice is different in every single SW…I’ve found best way to hear his own voice is to watch the Herzog films.

His real english voice is in Venom (1981) and sounds completely different to the SWs… can’t imagine him having the patience to redub his voice in english.

Just remember that Kinski’s real voice doesn’t appear in AGUIRRE, THE WRATH OF GOD. There was no way one could use direct sound in those filming conditions so there was no sound on set. Then, before post-production, Kinski and Herzog had a falling-out so another actor did his German voice.

As for English-language tracks, Kinski, with his accent, would not have dubbed his own voice in a western.

You’re right, I forgot about that! Oh, well…at least his English voice can be heard in the English version of “Nosferatu”…

" Buddy Buddy " ( 1981 ) is his own voice and it really matches the personality of his character he plays…a doctor that deals with sex problems. Anyway the film is a good black comedy.

Thanks for clarifying that Nzoog. I had always just assumed it was him!