White Fang / Zanna Bianca (Lucio Fulci, 1973)

Laughing at your comment, sounded really fun :wink:

Haven’t seen the film myself

I didn’t even know these White Fang movies even existed until relatively recently

A peculiar contribution to the SW genre, don’t you think so?

Certainly, ashame the quality in each of them is regarded as very low though.
Merli had one to.
I have it, haven’t given it a chance as of yet.

Viewed this one yesterday on a widescreen Dutch vhs (Eagle 6). Solid cast, good directing, nice cinematography. But overall it feels like a kiddie movie with graphic violence inserted. Weird. Overall still 3 stars though.
I agree with Sebastian that this is not a western. At least, it takes a lot of imagination viewing it as such.
My review here (Dutch):

Merli’s White Fang I’ve seen too. Feels a tad more like a western. A bit trashier and pretty much a ripoff of the Fulci one. The cleavage shots of Hahn are probably the best thing about it. The dvd is of very bad quality.

Challenge to White Fang starts right from where White Fang ended. Characters are not re-introduced so you need to see that before the sequel, otherwise it’s going to be very confusing. I made the mistake of wathing the sequel not remembering much about the first. Anyway, it’s quite disappointing, storyline jumps from situation to another in a very strange way and some shooting locations look very cheap and not like Alaska at all. Final 30 minutes are the best part, with exciting sledge race shot in Canada. I think that second unit director Joe D’Amato was responsible of all scenes shot there while Fulci was in Italy. At least these scenes have all D’Amato’s trademarks - handheld camera POV shots for example - that sadly are not present during first hour. Maybe I should re-watch both films but for now I give White Fang *** while Challenge to White Fang gets only **.

This is probably my least favourite Fulci movie… the dog attack scenes were hard to watch, so realistic and they just went on and on. I also don’t think this is a western unless you consider Lassie Come Home and Old Yeller to be westerns.

saw this last night. quite liked it although it is nothing special. as others have said a good cast. not sure who it was aimed at as is too violent at times for family audiences at the time.as i’ve said before not a great fan of fulci but i prefer his westerns to most of his horror films. watchable overall.

I saw the end of this last night. So I can’t really say much about this. I think, Nero and Harmstorf anre a good cast, but they look too nice to really call this flick a SW. It could be worse, just watch the 1991 wilf fang version and you know what I mean…

yeeeee, Zanna Bianca
this movie was like Komissar Rex :-X but with some touchy moments, i liked scene at the end,
when Franco jumped from a vessel to rescue Zanna Bianca
the main villain´s name was Beauty Smith, heh
all in all, not a gem this movie and i was expecting from Fulci something different, but at least, i didn´t fall asleep
probably the best depiction of Jack London´s stuff was The Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon with Rutger Hauer

An average soundtrack and nice acting…

at least this wasn’t so boring…

Can someone confirm the new dvd has indeed got an English soundtrack. Here it says it has, but the Amazon says Italian and German.

I am also interested in the 3L Vertriebs 2016 release. Here it lists English and Italian with no subtitles. For a DVD from Germany? On Amazon the listing says German and Italian, which makes more sense. Can anyone confirm this? Have you found out, Farmer J?

There is a US release by something called “Cheezy.” If that isn’t off-putting enough, one of the three reviews on Amazon mentions “poor quality release.” I’d prefer to try the 3L version.