Whip it, whip it good

It is - of course - appalling that, amongst the films that reside within our beloved genre, there are ladies getting gratuitously whipped.
I believe it to be amongst our best interests if we were to list any that we find, so we can give these films a swerve or at least cover our eyes until such beastliness is over.
I always avert my gaze at Loredana Nusciek getting lashed (a case of ‘out of the flaying-peon, into the fire’) in

… and yet again in
Vengeance for Vengeance

Thanks to brother Romaine Fielding for warning me (and for sending me a copy, to go onto this heretical pile, for future burning ;)) of Monica Miquel literally whipping the clothes off Marina Mulligan in
Gunman of One Hundred Crosses

Brother Bill san Antonio brought attention recently to a sighting of a naked beating of Franca Polesello in
Shoot Joe, and Shoot Again

…and there are at least another two which I would dearly like to track down and check out, so I can attest to whether my worst fears are indeed realised.
Does anybody know any more about these two - or indeed could trade me a copy of each, which I assure you will be locked up safely in the Priory’s ‘profane’ vaults?


Any more out there?

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I hope you are not developing an S&M fetish Reverend?

Finally we’re focusing on something really important! ;D

Isn’t there a girl whipping scene in I Want Him Dead? I haven’t seen it for a while but I recall something like that.

The scene in Shoot Joe and Shoot Again is priceless.

Developing? He already has :slight_smile:

Yeah, an’ I’m not gonna be short of desciples I reckon.
An’ thinking on, where’s Brother Romaine gone? :wink:

There sure is. More cheap thrills for our man of the cloth!

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:5, topic:1194”]Yeah, an’ I’m not gonna be short of desciples I reckon.
An’ thinking on, where’s Brother Romaine gone? ;)[/quote]
to go and get his gimp outfit ;D

Did you know that Anthony Perkins part in Ken Russell’s CRIMES OF PASSION is actually based on the exploits of the good reverend :slight_smile:

Enough, enough - you miserable sinners!
I expected a high class discussion - and an intellectual justification, or condemnation’ - for these overtly misogynistic panderings to the male psyche.
OK I didn’t …
… but maybe Brother scherp could at least add some of his philosophical insights to this thread to help to justify any of our particular pecadillos regarding this matter.
Any ‘feminists’, accidentally or deliberately, coming across this forum’ll just reckon us all a bunch of moronic sex-addled misfits … ;D

… to be followed up by the Rev’s list of spags with foot tickling scenes… ;D

Yeah, we wouldn’t want them to get the wrong idea…
Hey Rev:
I’ve been off doin’ other stuff (researching some info on Guglielmo Spoletini & watching a lot of his movies). But I’ve been busy with non-Spaghettioi stuff too (I hate that).
I just dropped into the forum to do a search and this thread caught my eye!
I wish I could think of more films for you to avoid but I can’t!
I must have become desensitized !
Have you ever seen a non-Spaghetti called The Frightened Woman?

Nope - but I’ll check it out! ;D
You emptied your mailbox yet Brother?
I’ve been trying to thank you for 100xs - cheers amigo.

[quote=“Reverend Danite, post:12, topic:1194”]Nope - but I’ll check it out! ;D
You emptied your mailbox yet Brother?
I’ve been trying to thank you for 100xs - cheers amigo.[/quote]

Shit. Thanks for telling me. It is no longer full.
Who do you prefer, Monica Miguel or Marina Mulligan ?

We need a spaghetti western version of this:

[quote=“ijontichy, post:14, topic:1194”]We need a spaghetti western version of this:

That made me :smiley:
No. 3, 7 and 9 for me.

The best version to get is now the recent U.K. release, much better than the U.S. image disc.

Hey Rev,
I was purusing Western All’Italiana Vol. 2 last night and came across this:

“The film, after a ‘promising’ start (a brutal, sadistic sequence depicting the flogging of a woman) :stuck_out_tongue: goes along the usual classic ‘roads’ of the genre…”

The film is Sapevano solo uccidere/Suguaro


I don’t have this one or it would already be on its way to you!
Check it out…

What a shame … (anybody got this, or that other one I mentioned at the start, for a trade?)
… and talking of “shame” - I’ve been reminded of Brand of Shame aka Nude Django
I havn’t seen this either >:(

I’ll go down the cryptic route (after my d.o.m. accusation). As when Superman was asked about who he prefered, Lois Lane and Launa Lang - he replied that he’d give a clue - I’ll tell you her initials! :wink:

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Howdy… is anyone here ???
Mannaja has a brief whipping scene . Saw the trailer on youtube . BTW this looks like a damned fine movie-very polished and good soundtrack .

And it is :). One of my favorites. Manos Torpes has a brief whipping scene in it with Peter Lee Lawrence whipping one of the people he’s going to take revenge on.