¿ Which title is correct?

What did Sergio Leone intend to call this movie?
Which title is correct?
Which title do you, personally, think fits the film best?


He probably intended to call it Once upon a Time the Revolution, but then it was called Keep Your Head Down (Giu la testa).

Duck you Sucker is bad, but was Leone’s choice for the English market, and A Fistful of Dynamite shows only the helplessness of the English distributor.

I think Giu la testa is the best title as the better sounding Once upon a time title does not really fit the film.

Thanks for reminding me of the other titles.

The poll has been modified accordingly.

Now let’s vote, everybody.


Always liked Once Upon a Time… the Revolution the best.

The U.K cinema poster of A Fistful of Dynamite mentioned all the titles of the Dollar films.

I’ve evened up the voting.
Don’t underestimate the helplessness of the English viewer either Stanton :wink:
"…Dynamite" is how I’ve always known it - and it sounds right to me - despite “…Revolution” probably being the better name.

Was a bit confused initially as to whether I’m supposed to vote for what Leone intended or what I thought was best. Opted for the latter and, as such, voted for the fistful option. Not a great title by any means and clearly a flimsy attempt to link it to Leone’s prior and more successful westerns but, of the three, it still sounds better in my opinion.

The better title is the Italian one, sounds cool as testa in Portuguese means forehead
But choosed the revolution one cause of the more epic feeling

I always knew it as A Fistful of Dynamite and that’s what I still call it :wink:

Once Upon a Time in the Revolution sounds the most epic, and A Fistful of Dynamite is far better than Duck, You Suck, which Leone did chose for the English translation. So I went for Once Upon a Time in the Revolution.

Duck You Sucker! It just sounds to cool to not like and that is the title I’ve always used.

I think that, judging from the options given in the poll, that the OP was referring to the correct English language title. I’m with hoover on this, “Duck, You Sucker” sounds great.

Always was a fistful of dynamite for me guys :slight_smile:

Being a British viewer, the film was always known to me as A FISTFUL OF DYNAMITE, but nowadays I always think of it as GIU LA TESTA or KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN - that title fits the movie like a glove (imo, of course).

The ‘right’ title would be ‘Once upon a time … the revolution’ but ‘Duck you sucker’ is the best one.

I’m used to the Duck You Sucker title. Never liked the Fistful of Dynamite title.

btw, in Finland Eastwood film Two Mules for Sister Sara was titled “Kourallinen Dynamiittia” which means Fistful of Dynamite.