Which Spaghetti Western main characters are genuinely good people?

Firstly, I’m new at the Forum and this is my first post. :smiley: I’ve been scrolling here for a few weeks though, but haven’t found this type of conversation anywhere.

As we all know, our Spaghetti western heroes are good guys who do bad things, for example kill, for different reasons: Some are after money and the others want to protect the innocent citizens who are harrazed by the bad guys.

But the question is, which main characters are genuinely good people and don’t like the dangerous gunslinger life.

I watched “Two guns for a coward/Gunman sent by God” (1968) today and I felt so bad for Gary McGuire (Anthony Steffen) because the poor chap hates violence and only wanted to have a peaceful life, doing what he enjoys with the circus crew.

Trinity (Terence Hill) from the Trinity movies gets often in trouble and likes pranking people, but I think he’s one of the purest Spaghetti Western heroes out there. I mean, the guy never wants to hurt anyone unless if they’re hurting someone else.

Which characters come to your mind when we think of the genuinely good Spaghetti Western heroes?


I would say most of Giuliano Gemma’s characters would fit this category.
Maybe not Arizona Colt or the first Ringo but definitely his characters in One Silver Dollar, Adios Gringo and Wanted. All good guys and reluctant fighters. Maybe California too?


@Phil_H Gemma as an actor just has that good guy energy, even though I have seen only four of his movies. But yeah, I wouldn’t put Arizona Colt and the first Ringo on this list either. They seem to enjoy being menaces and causing trouble

Sam cooper form The Ruthless four, he was hard working and honest man.

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Gemma’s Ringo

Ringo is probably the biggest bastard of the whole genre.

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Quite possibly, but Gemma came across as very likable in many of his westerns. Would it be a safer pick to say Scott Mary from Day of Anger?


Scott Mary is genuinely good person, with all that shit (literally) he has to deal with the townspeople he ain’t after a revenge when he’s in power.


I felt bad for Mario Adorf’s character in ‘A Sky Full of Stars.’ Poor guy just wanted to fix up his ranch but that dastardly and diabolical Gemma scammed him out of his money and then destroyed his ranch :stuck_out_tongue:

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