Which Spaghetti Western Character Are You?

I found a Quiz , you will know who you were in a SW!


for me its Ringo ;D


Man with no name!

Any character thats ends up with claudia cardinale.

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I am Sabata…

I’m Django. :smiley:

i am Silenzio … and that really fits. :slight_smile:

The Man With No Name…because I’m tall, blonde smoke a cigar and I’m a pig.

I’m “the man with no name” ,too.But I didn’t smoke :wink:

I am Sabata…which is kinda cool; I used that nick to begin with on the SWWB, only to have the “original” Sabata returning to the board saying that I had stolen his nick, so I changed to Mannaja…

Django! 8)

“You are Ringo - the goodhearted ex-soldier comming back from the war. You’re a nice person and you only shoot at the bad guys”

I did not expect that. Nice quiz

cool i am not the only Ringo! ;D

Ringo here also.

I’m the man with no name, I couldn’t be happier. Thought for sure that I would end up Cuchillo.

You are the man with no name. You're a bounty hunter and money is the only thing on your mind. As the youthful Gringo you are, most people underestimates you at first. ...And when they find out who you really are, it could be too late.



Is there others Ringo like me in here ?
Very nice quiz ! Will submit it to some people I know…just to see who I have to fight against ;D


Your picture doesn’t work :frowning:

Hey this is cool look who I am!

“You are Sabata. Nobody really knows who you are or where you come from. All they know is that you have a sharp mind and that you always come up with bright ideas. You also like to dress up neat and altough you’re old, you’re a excellent pistolero.”

Yes I saw the picture didn’t work but too late :frowning: will be for next time.