Which One 2 Buy?

Hello all SW fans,

Wasn’t sure if anyone had thought of a generic area for which editions of rarer available SW’s to get, so here’s my take.

I’m not sure which versions 1,000 Dollars on the Black and A Taste of Killing to get, which do you think:

(I have a fairly good grasp of the Italian language, so I can view films sans subtitles)

Go for the Koch box set. You’ll also get both of the Pecos films (better quality than the Wild East disc) and Taste of Killing has optional English and Italian audio whereas the Italian disc has Italian audio only.

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Sounds good.Is the Koch Set uncut on all the films? Seems like the various releases have different running times; not sure if it has to do with PAL and NTSC being different. Thankfully I have a region free player so it’s not an issue. Thanks.

PAL, no cuts

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All 3 Koch Enzyklopdaies are must own.


At around 1 hour and 14 to 15 minutes, when Kennebeck says “There’s a rat too many in Texas” does it continue with "’till Hank Fellows dies” ?

Because that last part is missing from both the WE and the Italian disc. The Italian disc also has some other smaller cuts or missing frames.

I think mentioned these to someone from Koch when they announced the release and he said they will look into it. I don’t know the result.

Judging by the length mentioned at ofdb.de for the Koch disc, it would appear about the same length as the Italian disc.

Thanks for responding, but I think you may have spoiled the ending for me :astonished:

Didn’t spoil anything, I think. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, I checked the Koch disc myself and it is missing the part I mentioned earlier. Also another piece missing the same way as on the Italian disc (so it is probably just like the Italian disc). Oh well. :-1:

OK, SW Aficionados, another question regarding which version of a film to get. This time I’m curious about which version of Bandidos is the right one to get. I already know I don’t want to get the NEW version as its cut so it’s down to these two

The French disc is cut (or so I have read) and I would be really surprised if the new German one isn’t.

The French will probably be the best looking unless the German disc is just a copy of it.

The NEW has a running of 91 minutes, same as the german one. It’s a matter of seconds here.

God Forgives, I Don’t

Wich one to get? All I can find is an expensive one that’s been a part of a box set.

The Dutch DVD is good quality, but it includes the inferior dub.

Are you sure, Dean? I have the Dutch DVD and it has a serious dub. I don’t remember Cat being called Trinity.

Well what I mean is his voice just sounds like Trinity. In the other dub he’s voiced by Lloyd Battista and can actually be taken seriously.

Never watched the other version. I have a Fletcher VHS release with the same dub as the DVD. Never had any issues taking it seriously since the film is definitely not a comedy. One of my favourite spaghetti westerns, too.

Here’s the other dub, granted it is shorter and pan & scan:

That dub is on my Dutch DVD.

Unless I’m getting confused again!

Nah Terence has a higher pitched nasally voice on the Dutch DVD. Bud also has a different VA, and the dialogue is different: