Which (official) Sartana is the best Sartana film?

Can everyone name their favorite official Sartana movie? I wanna see those votes, so I can see which Sartana is the favorite among experts of the genre.

My favorite one, is oddly one that catches much hate, I Am Sartana, Your Angel Of Death.

I’ll explain my rationale in a breakdown of the series.

If You Meet Sartana… Pray For Your Death


  • THE BEST villains with immaculate wardrobes in the series, imo Klaus Kinksi as Morgan with bells on his boot (covered with shaving foam to hide his presence) and the knife and Lasky and his Corduroy suit.
  • The grittiest
  • ‘I am your pallbearer’ is the greatest quote in the series
  • Again I need re-mention how Morgan is my favorite character besides Sartana in the series… And Lasky is my favorite after Morgan… That definately earns bonus points.
  • It might be a tired trope, or a Cliche after For A Few Dollars More. But I found the pocketwatch and it’s musical tune to be extremely effective.
  • Even though the ending is a bit cheap cinematography wise, it is hella atmospheric… It kinda worked.


  • Incredibly ugly looking. With shite locations.
  • The most mediocre soundtrack of the series? (I do like the pocketwatch tune though)
  • Misses the cinematic flair of the follow up Sartanas. Carnimeo is a better skilled Director imo (even though I do think the ending is hella atmospheric).

I Am Sartana, Your Angel Of Death.


  • Second best set of henchmen in the Sartana series, with the bounty hunters Klaus Kinski as Hot Dead and Gordon Mitchell as Degueyo and Shadow being the baddest bunch to me.
  • Bloody lush cinematoraphy and camerawork.
  • As well as set design
  • THAT OPENING with the card tricks. It’s one of my favorite spaghetti western moments.
  • Actual mystery
  • It get’s a lot of flack for having a horrible soundtrack? But I dunno which track? Because I don’t hear any duds here? My favorite soundtrack in the series after the ‘Have A Good Funeral My Friend…Sartana Will Pay’


  • A bit confusing at times?

Have A Good Funeral My Friend… Sartana Will Pay


  • Good cinematogrpahy and camerawork
  • SOUNDTRACKKKK number ONE in the series


  • Least interesting villains imo. The Piggot brothers should be a cool bunch… but they leave me cold. And I can’t put my finger exactly where. They are just a bit too run the mill.
  • Comedy is creepin in.
  • As an Wasian I’m not exactly happy with the portrayed stereotype

Light The Fuse… Sartana Is Coming

  • The best Plot in the series
  • Organ cannon for it’s ridiculousness
  • The cinematic flair is cool at times (my favorite being the coins dropping from the ceiling into the camera).
  • Music is okay


  • The set of villains aren’t the worst. A lot of doublecrossers in town. But compared to Sartana 1 and 2, they rank below, much better as 3rd Garko Sartana tho?
  • Comedy
  • Ffffkkk Alfie

So my ranking looks like:

  1. I Am Sartana, Your Angel Of Death
  2. If You Meet Sartana… Pray For Your Death
  3. Light The Fuse… Sartana Is Coming
  4. Have A Good Funeral My Friend… Sartana Will Pay

The number one for me is easy; the last 3 however are close to tied. If i could i would give ’ em all tied 2nd place. Anyway the George Hilton one is the worst anyway!

Anyway Im curious to everyone’s favorite and their ranking.


Hmmm…That’s a toughie. I like all the films of the series, including the odd man out Sartana’s Here, Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin. In terms of multiple viewings, I’d have to go with all three sequels, particularly I Am Sartana, Your Angel of Death. Have a Good Funeral My Friend to me actually has one of the best twist reveals in regards to the dead man and his discovery of gold as you honestly don’t see it coming until it’s talked about.

The inaugural film i still enjoy quite a lot, and the constant red herring’s and double crossing do indeed keep you in the dark, but that Sartana never reveals who he in fact is, even when it’s implied from his coming and going he’s a spectral-esque figure, leaves his motivation for being around a little flimsy, even with the idea that most SW Anti-Heroes are greedy opportunists.

I’ll leave links to my reviews of the Sartana franchise as they better illustrate my rankings. I write under a pen-name professionally as my given name is so common anymore, I was tired of trying to figure out if someone was talking to me or another person…

I hope this first entry meets your criteria and gives an idea of my ranking

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:rofl: … it’s true!

Light the Fuse…amazing soundtrack and opening credits.


The vast, elegant sandpits are nothing short of breathtaking.

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The first film is easily the best one for me. The “gravel pit look” doesn’t bother me at all. It has everything you want from a spaghetti western and it’s much darker than the other films. I liked the insinuation that Sartana is the devil.
I don’t usually include Hilton’s entry into the series because it feels closer to a Hallelujah film and Garko is the only Sartana for me. So, I rate it the other three like this:

  1. Light the Fuse - the fourth film is my second favourite and probably the most over-the-top. Love the gadgets in this one!
  2. Angel of Death - not as bad as some people think it is and definitely not my least favourite.
  3. Have a Good Funeral - my least favourite and probably the most overrated of the bunch
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Trade your Pistol is probably my favorite even though (or maybe because) it’s more like Hallelujah than Sartana film. Anyway I think all Sartana films are 7/10 for me so maybe the best one is the one I’ve seen last.

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