Which blu-ray of Fistful of Dollars is the definitive to get at this point?

(autephex) #41

I was looking on ebay and the Amazon price beat the ebay sellers by a few dollars more, so that was why I decided to go ahead and purchase. Probably the best price I’ll ever see on this 2 pack from Germany

From what I’ve gathered, it looks like the German Fistful is maybe the only uncut version out there… so that’s a bonus

(Andy) #42

Are you saying the Italian Ripley’s release is cut?? I got the German FAFDM because I was told that was the only version of that film that was uncut. Good thing I got the 2-pack!

(autephex) #43

I’m not sure… I wouldn’t think so since I believe they are the same transfer, but I just read some posts saying the German one was the only uncut. I’ll look some more to see if that’s true

(autephex) #44

My mistake. The posts I read were about For a Few Dollars More being the only uncut version. Topic was a mixed discussion of both films so I was confused.

(Søren) #45

It’s because the prices on amazon.de include the German VAT (19 or 20%?) and that is deducted because you are ordering from outside the EU. I live within the EU in Denmark that has a higher VAT (25%) so I always end up paying more because the Danish VAT is added instead :slight_smile:

(autephex) #46

Ah, good to know. I suspected it may be something like this. In the US, we always display prices pre-tax so that you don’t see the higher price until you’re already paying :see_no_evil:

(Søren) #47

Lol. Very cunning :slight_smile:

Amazon should really just display the prices we’ll end up paying. They know where we live. Sneaky bastards :slight_smile:

(kevenz) #48

the german blu use the Italian Ripley master…. if I’m not mistaken… so it should be the same.

(autephex) #49

Yep its the same. I just mixed the two titles up regarding the cuts.

For some reason though, the Ripley disc looks slightly better in the comparison video posted above, even though its the same master. They seem to have slightly changed the coloring, maybe just via brightness/dark levels