Which blu-ray of Fistful of Dollars is the definitive to get at this point?

(Piripero) #21

The second menu item when you load the disc is ‘Audio’ which gives drop down options of Italiano, mono, Italiano, PCM 5.1 and Inglese, mono.

I don’t know about the cave scene cut - is this during Joe’s recuperation in the mine towards the end?
I’ve not watched the MGM version through, not least because I restrict viewing of ‘sacred’ movies to an absolute minimum, but there are lots of valuable extras on the MGM disc including, no doubt, Frayling’s commentary.

(Stanton) #22

10 sec is hardly enough for a scene.

Maybe you confused that cave scene with the one from GBU.

And the time difference is most likely caused by stuff (like logos) that does not really belong to the film. Maybe the time difference is just the roaring MGM lion.

(Andy) #23

Just bought the Ripley’s Italian blu-ray off ebay.co.uk :blush::ok_hand: Thanks for everyone’s help!

(Andy) #24

Thinking of picking this up too because I’ve read this version of FAFDM is the best and it’s dirt cheap.


(kevenz) #25

good idea… I believe the german blu rays all use the superior italian prints.

the colors and resolution is so much better than the MGM blus.


I just recently made the leap to BD, and now I find there’s no end to upgrades and alternate releases … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Oh well, I’ve done the same with the James Bond series over the years, so why not the Leone’s too.

(The Man With a Name) #27

I don’t need another Blu-ray of For a Few Dollars More after buying the German release. As far as I know, it’s the only uncut version, as well.

(Piripero) #28

Hmmn… seems I never bought the Kino FFOD which 'splains why I couldn’t find it. Will spend my cash on the Universum FAFDM instead.

(Piripero) #29

I see when this subject was discussed in depth at hometheartreforum.com somebody did a direct comparison of the 2K Ripley against the 4K Kino:

I ran the first twenty minutes of the Kino side by side with the Ripley - funnily when that comparison video was posted, which I said I could not take seriously, it looked like the Kino had the best detail even better than the Ripley. Well, not so. The Ripley wins hands down in every department - EVERY department - color, clarity, definition, contrast - the Kino is weird and contrasty. I know everyone trumpets 4K but when it’s a Techniscope film isn’t that overkill? In any case, find the Ripley - even though the German uses the Ripley it’s simply not quite as good, for whatever reason

All things being equal, there should be a discernible, albeit minor, improvement in detail from a 4K scan released in 2K. All things are rarely equal though.

(Andy) #30

The only thing I’ll miss about not getting the Kino are the extras.

(Andy) #31

Just received my Ripley’s blu-ray today from the UK. Here is a pic of me holding it along with my Italian CD soundtrack to the film in front of my American “A Fistful of Dollars” poster (they screwed it up; the picture and credits are actually that of “For a Few Dollars More” but close enough).

(Nick) #32

I actually think that since Fistful and Few Dollars More came out around the same time in the United States that the same poster art was used between the two films. Maybe I’m wrong.


That’s quite likely and forgivable for 1967, when you consider that artwork and graphics today still get it wrong - Not just ‘Manco’ instead of ‘Joe’, but ‘Colonel Mortimer’ instead of ‘Angel Eyes’ - Check the graphics on the MGM BD of GBU … that’s ‘Douglas’, not ‘Sentenza’ :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Here’s my locandina…

Just change the colour of his tie, people won’t notice. But will they notice that Sentenza doesnt even wear a tie in the film? :grinning:


Lovin those Italian posters, even if they do mix up LVC … never seen that Italian design before of Per Qualche Dollaro In Piu … really nice.


Yeah what drew me in was that it actually has all three main characters on it. Otherwise you have yet another poster of just Clint.

(autephex) #37

Yeah tell me about it. I’ve mostly stopped looking at new releases for the past few years because I simply don’t have the money to keep buying movies right now, and there have been so many new blu ray releases for spaghettis since the last time I looked… I never imagined a lot of these titles would be released to blu. Although I’m sure a good portion of them aren’t worth buying, there does look to be some great releases.

But this business with the Leone films is really pissing me off. I still haven’t bought any of them on blu except for OUATITW because I was waiting to order the German or Italian blus, so I was excited to see the Kino release with original poster art. But of course they screwed it up. There are so many US releases of these films to dvd and blu, always screwed up. Why is it so hard to just release a proper restoration, when its already been put out in other countries?

(autephex) #38

Wow, the Italian disc by far looks the best… although the German disc is very close, it still looks a bit less crisp from that video.

But that 2 pack from Germany is pretty dang cheap… still need to pick these up on blu ray and may have to go with that German two-fer… hard to beat that price

(autephex) #39

Finally went ahead and pulled the trigger on the German blu ray double pack…

17.63 USD shipped… couldn’t resist at such a low price for these two films in an excellent release. It actually lowered the price of the blu ray set by about 3 EUR after I went to check out for some unknown reason

Would have liked to get the artwork for the individual releases. The double pack is cheesy. Maybe I’ll make my own custom label.

And I also found out that you can display amazon.de in English now:

(Andy) #40

My decision to buy the cheesy-looking 2-pack was purely a money saver, also (plus I have the Italian fistful blu-ray anyways which has great cover art). I think I paid roughly $17,50 except in Canadian dollars and I bought from a German ebay seller (I don’t use amazon). Very grateful that both the German and Italian discs are region free and have English audio.